Ultimate Gaming Spot BOSTON!

Ultimate Gaming Spot has moved to 109 Blue Hill ave Boston 02119!

Currently undergoing renovations check our facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ultimate-Gaming-Spot/225442120852710

Definitely post on here too for updates.

aw shit when does this start?

I’ll be updating everybody soon.

Finished the heavy lifting with a few other things to take care of before our regular hours can be updated, however this Friday (01/18/13) the Fight Lab will be open for games at 6:30pm so if your in the area (109 Blue Hill Ave Boston MA 02119) come check us out!


Awesome. Looking forward to pushing buttons again. I haven’t played DOA much in the interim and I need to shake the rust off.

Opening the shop at 4:30 today for games and maintenance, will be back Friday and Saturday this week.

Hey Gill do you have the DOA patch on your PS3s? I wanna play some DOA tonight and bitch about how Mila sucks now and this game is stupid.

Fight Night tonite!

Video from this past Friday Fight Night and Video of new renovation work:



GGs to everyone I played Friday. Next time I’m going to try to win a game of Tekken against someone. I feel like this should be an achievable goal.

The store will be open around 2pm today as I’m still making transitions. How do you guys feel about a Fight Night closer to Boston on Tuesdays?

Okay updated store hours:<br><br>Monday thru Saturday we are open 1pm-9pm<br><br>Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the venue will be open till 1am for Fight Nights and Late Night Gaming. Thursdays are popular for 2d Fighters (SF, UMVC3, KOF, etc). Fridays are better for 3d (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, DOA5, VF, etc) and Saturdays can be a mix of both.<br><br>Venue fee is $3 for an hour and $7 for the full day. Stick and controller rentals are $3 and $2.50 respectively along with controller convertors. <br>

After a slight hiatus UGS is on again. Fight Night Tonite and also starting Thursday we will begin the “Best Of The Best” Ranbat Series:

Starting this day (04/11/13) we will begin the “Best Of Best” WEEKLY series for 2d Fighters that will include (tentative schedule order)

3. Persona 4
4. KOF 13 (more to be added)

*All games will be run best 2 out of 3 with Finals being 3 out of 5

*(Marvel 3 out of 5 ALL)

Entry $7 venue with $5 prize fee per game.

Less than 10 entrants winner take all!

+11 entrants 1st 80% 2nd 20%

Games will be run on Xbox 360 BYOC

Do you have events on Saturdays or Sundays? would really like to get out and go to one but I work during the afternoon.

Saturday Nights are good for a variety of Fighters.

Tonight Weekly Ranbats!

Our new youtube channel with TONS of footage from past stream archives: http://www.youtube.com/user/UGSLive

Hey all, does Injustice get a decent showing at these meetups?

There have been a few players by for it.