Ultimarc joysticks & buttons - are they good quality like sanwa?

I originally posted this in the gamecube analogue thread, but I ended up bringing up a few questions of my own so I thought it was worth posting in a new thread.

I am close to ordering some joysticks and bottons from ultimarc. The reason for not going sanwa of seimitsu is that I am interested in their analogue “ultrasick” and also their chrome rimmed buttons (like the nice white ones used on laurie 47’s beautiful stick on the first page of “The, I love my custom stick gallery”).

I can’t find any sanwa/seimitsu alternatives for those items (except perhaps the Seimitsu LS-64 - but I know nothing about this stick) and I also need to order a j-pac from ultimarc.

So what is your guys valued opinion of ultimarc? Is their claim of using quality japanese parts acurate? Or am I better of forgetting about ultimarc and their analogue and chrome and just going for a decent sanwa stick & buttons?

Any answers are greatly appreciated.

PS: I just bought myself a working jamma cabinet with street fighter 2 (and shit joysticks)!!! :smokin:

My original post below:

The Ultimarc buttons use Sanwa switches. So basically it will feel like a Sanwa illuminated button (i.e., very stiff and clicky, but responsive). If you’re concerned with the quality of the plunger, then let me say it’s of decent quality. Maybe a little less than what you (I) expect but much better than other generic brand illuminated buttons out there. And, you know, its CHROME

As for the sticks, havent tried one before. Maybe someone else has an answer

Question without sense. Ultimarc sells joysticks sanwa and iL and their modifications.
U360 is Sanwa JLW+Hall effect PCB, work similar how flash and P360

Thanks for the replies. I guess you can tell by all the questions that I’m a bit confused with all the choice. :slight_smile:

I think for now I’ll just try buying one of the ultrasticks and also a classic sanwa model and wire them up to p1 & p2 so I can compare the two side by side.

There is very little reference to the analogue sticks anywhere on the net (that I can find). So when I’ve tried it, I’ll do my best to report back how it feels, if anyone’s interested.

im interested how both feel comparatively to sanwa stuff

If you mean the buttons on this stick, they’re indeed Seimitsu.

yes. I meant those. It was that joystick that inspired me to go for chrome rims! But I cannot for the life of me find any chrome rimmed buttons from any other supplier other than ultimarc. But I suppose these ultimarc buttons should be just as good if I have understood kowal correctly.

kowal, are you telling me that ultimarc products are modified seimetsu?

Are those chrome? Looks like clear buttons with white plungers, and white buttons with clear/white plungers to me. Also, you can use spraypaint for a similar effect if you really want chrome. Not sure how well that would last though.

final_cut, I think your right. I did wonder if they were actually transparent button rims - but they look like chrome in that photo. It still looks nice though and it still makes me want to go for chrome.

I’m actually thinking of an idea for the control board on my cabinet: I’m thinking of going for white ball top and buttons on p1 side and red ball top and buttons on p2 side. Then putting a nice ryu vs ken pic as a backing. I was thinking of ppsting here to ask for help sourcing high quality ryu v ken artwork - I found a great uden picture for it last night but I can’t really dig it up now (posting this on my phone) - I also don’t think it’ll be that suitable to put accross my cabinets over-sized control board - but I like it.

what type of gate does that ultimark analog stick have?

Cwrenlmi, sorry but what do you mean by “gate”?

The Ultimarc 360 is just a modified Sanwa JLW. You can get circular or square restricting gates for them. I also think Ultimarc had a 3rd party make octagonal gates for htem but I don’t know how they compare to the Sanwa-made circular and square ones.

This is what some people call the little restrictor plate that snaps/screws to the bottom of many sanwa joysticks. It affects range of motion, some are square, some octagonal, and some are circular.

When installing sanwa/seimitsu buttons in your cabinet, be sure you will be able to fit them in the buttonholes. Japanese style buttons are 30mm, or something like 1 and 3/16ths of an inch, whereas american buttons are not.

Just confirming. The buttons in the picture are actually composed of two types. The first two on the left are Seimitsu PS-14-GN (clear). It’s just a white button with a clear center. The rest are Seimitsu PS-14-K. They’re skeleton buttons (all clear).

Thanks for the help. The restrictor plates are stupidly priced at ultimarc, they are $14/7. Do you think that sanwa or seimitsu plates purchased elsewhere will fit? I hear that octaganal plates are good for streetfighter.

I really like the layout of that stick of laurie 47’s. I like the way that the square of four buttons on the right are a slightly different style. I am going to place an order tomorrow. I’ll post back when I know what I’m getting.

As for the button holes on my cab, I haven’t measured but if need be, I will replace the control panel. I am even thinking that I could wire everything up to a connector board so as to create several modular swappable control panels with different layouts… Steering wheel, digital, analogue etc etc …well, we’ll see.