Uk release confirmation! bout time!

The release date for the EU vers of persona has finally got an official release date. It was never 100% confirmed that the 7th sep was legit. Just read the quote from below now im all giddy!

Quoted from

An unsubstantiated rumour, reportedly originally from the GameFAQs forum, is doing its rounds on the internet today. A user has reportedly emailed PQube, Persona 4 Arena’s UK publisher, about its release date and was reportedly informed that the release date, previously given to EuroGamer as the 31st of August, has been pushed back to the 7th of September

This post will be updated as more details unfold.

Update: Following an email enquiry, the release date for Persona 4 Arena in Europe has been confirmed to be 7th September.

Cant fekkin wait to get me hands on this!
Lets just hope nothing goes wrong with this…


Haha, oh well, i assumed that that was just a rumor never seen it was officially confirmed.
All good

At least EU players don’t have to wait 10 months for this release.

I’m interested in the game but I’m not sure I want to support a company who keep releasing their games late in Europe. It’s really not acceptable in this day and age.