UK players who are striving to improve

I would like to play against some UK guys who want to get better and try to play the game properly and fairly respectfully instead of mashing dp in between block strings lol. I’m not that great myself but want to improve so the best way of doing that is playing other people that may be better or worse than me who are also trying to improve. I have a mic not sure if its working, if not i’ll invest in another. If you live around london too it might be cool to meet up at the HoG or something and go for some offline matches there etc. I own USF4 and also 3rd Strike if anyone fancies playing that, though I am even worse as third strike lol.

The main 4 people I play are Dudley, Ken, Makoto and recently Poison. My gamertag is iPhynX if you add me send a message my way or something so I know you’re from here. Hopefully I can play with some of you soon.