UH Playas' Club <808>

Wassup Fools:D This is the Manoa playas thread open to anyone and everyone:D So if anyone has questions about the club, meeting days (usually every thurs @4) or anything else, ask here.:smiley: From now on, this will be the thread to check out if you are interested in anything dealing with the club. Updates: Finished the constitution, handing it to yk808 this weekend so expect things to be “official” soon:D We (yk808, hypertrap, and myself) are thinking about holding a tourney probably mid nov. so post here what you wanna play (tekken playas you know you out there:D ) Other than that, if you guys want you can check the two other 808 threads for info. on upcoming tourneys:D If you got any questions, feel free to ask us in person at school, or whenever.:smiley:

I’d like to help out (and also PSX2000 I believe but I won’t speak for him) so when are you going to start collecting club dues and how much will they be?

Where are your Thursday meetings held?


i nominate cvs2 for the mid nov tourney.

Im down also, If you guys need any help let me know .

Yeah where do you guys meet in UH ? How long u guys there for?

Good job on keeping the scene going.

::coughcough:: as an official officer, lllll would like to inform you playahs that the meetings are held 2 flo0rs above the UH cafeteria/gamero0m. the ro0m is rather large, one tv, and lots of eye candy. bringing additional controllers/consoles/games would be greatly appreciated.

  • at our next meeting we’ll be discussing the difference between: “banging the machine” and “bang the machine.” also on the agenda, we’ll briefly go over how video games can/will bring in the chicks/not to mention the $$$. don’t be late and we’ll see you at 4pm! attendence shall be taken. alohas and game 0n!

tim, your mvc2 was all hashed up and shit. oh well, we only had cvs2 this past week. fun though

I’d be down to check it out…that is…if I get off work in time.

haha i’m one of the damn founders and i only saw this thread now! oh well.

and yes carlos is an official member.

and yes my mvc2 is fagged and i don’t even have all the characters anyway.

and we aren’t charging dues yet. we have not finalized the ammount it will be. and we are discussing where the funds will go also (food at events, rental costs, price incentives, cover partial member entrance fees, etc)

we do need help bringing sticks and systems and games. as it is, we have been using ryan’s dc and mas which is in his car, or my dc and green stick which i have to tote to all my classes all day. we also used chad’s ascii i think. but ryan’s mas is slightly broken, and my green shits are lame.

we could also use a new venue, the lounge is good, but closes at 6. we can’t hog it all day either, though that would be dope.

we are thinking meeting rooms and such, but we might need to rent a a/v cart and make arrangements, but we don’t know what the plan is yet, so until we get finalized and a weekly schedual planned, lounge from 4-6 (maybe 3-6 if i can set up my ghetto shit early).

all are welcome, just be courteous, wait in line, and give the shitty people at least a modicum of chance should they beg for it.

we may have more meeting / week depending on member availability. i know ryan is busy, but i for the most part, am not. M or F i finish class at 8:30. maybe everyother week we could rent out a room where people can come and go all day as an alternative to the BROKEN ASS SHITTY uh gameroom? i’ll need to know when people are free to watch my shit, as i don’t want to be sitting there all day. cvs2 gets very boring when the only person who can beat you is ryan. and mvc2 gets really boring when the only person who can beat you is ryan. though tekken and such have better comp. oh yeah carlos ownz me too, forgot about carlos.

Heehee…meet at my house. Nothing like having more stange men coming over. Not like mom cares or nothing.

Anyway, I’d bring my stuff, but I only got sticks for ps2. Also, I’m in no mood to drag that shit on the bus.

If y’all need anything, I’m here to help. Not like I do anything else with my free time.

Ill try to make it down. Where do you guys park and stuff? And how much is parking? How long does this thing last also?

If anyone got a ST please bring it. I wouldn’t mind getting in some games if anyone is interested.

Ok, cool cool, I can also get some peeps to coopeate with the club etc.

My Dreamcast and games are accessible on campus. I have stored them at my workplace in Keller. I only have one joystick though (ASCII). Bring your own joystick to play. :slight_smile:

Fighting games in the cd wallet I carry around -


If you wanna play anything else, bring your own. :slight_smile: Peace.

ah thank you mr wang, that will help greatly. can i get them from you sometime around 3 tomorrow?

psx: parking in the parking structure is $3. street parking is rare and free. keep in mind for now, we only have 1 tv available (and even that is not really for our use, if someone claims it first we have to beat them down and steal it), so game played will be either by vote or availability. beside st is no fun if we all keep getting perfected by you. well for you it is…

Sure thing. Meet me at the lounge at 2:30. I’ll have it set up there as soon as I come back to campus from lunch.

Maybe if you practiced more and/or tried harder you wouldn’t get perfected as much and maybe even steal a win every once in awhile.

I won’t be able to make it to Thursday meetings since I get off work at 5pm and I have to go lift some weights soon after. If you guys hold additional meetings on different days, I’ll see if I can make it.

nah i can’t go against psx, he taught me everything i know! literally!

chunli low forward trap. dhalsim 2 buttons to victoly. deejay bullshit combos. thats about it.

If I brought another TV, would you guys have anyplace to store it?

Tuesday, I’ll be in the lounge with the dc from around 10:30 to 1pm. Who ever wants to practice, I have all the games with me. Come to the lounge w/ your joystick.

I prefer cvs2 or 3s.

But ST and Marvel are fine.

Playas’ Club meets again tomorrow. Come up to the lounge around 3-6.

If anybody don’t know where it is, give me a call 216-2213 anytime after 3.

Game has yet to be decided.

Wang, can you dring your DC and games please?

Sticks we have for tomorrow: 1 Green Shit Stick (mine), Wang’s ascii, Hryan’s semi broken MAS.

Oh yeah, someone bring a MVC2 memory card, Wang’s one is missing Cammy and Servbot.

YK808: What is the room name and # that you guys are in?
ILl make it down there but I probably will leave around 5:30 i gotta beat some where. Either way Ill try to get some games in.