Ugh VHSG template?

I was asked to make a VHSG template and it seems that for some reason I am receiving an incompatibility error when I try to download off of Art’s website.

It is saying :

Opening ‘C:\Users\David Earp\Downloads\Art Hobbies VSHG Template_Kinkos Ver.psd’ failed: Error loading PSD file: Unsupported color mode: CMYK

… is there anywhere else I could download this… or anyway I could rectify this error code? Thanks much guys.

Because you are using GIMP.

Yes I understand that but I have had no trouble thus far downloading templates from Art’s site? I found it odd that this is the first template I am unable to download.

It’s in CMYK color mode, Gimp only supports RGB by default, however you can add in rudimentary CMYK support if you know how). I suggest starting here.

Thanks much d3v. I am about to buy a local sellers photoshop cs 5 for 25 $ ( they provide the disc ) So ill see whats up with that. All this fake support stuff isn’t worth the hassle.

I know, that is why it not work.
Because you are using GIMP, and it not support CMYK.

Do the thing d3v show.
Maybe it will work.
I never tried.

to be honest i don’t think buying pirate software is really the answer

Yeahhhhh about that. I am downloading cs3 as we speak… :-/.