...ugh. Threads like this make me die inside

Yes. this is a rant. Which in itself is nub-tastic. However, I am a fighting game fan. I like me some SF3s, I like tekken. I enjoy VF. I love SC I enjoy mvc 2, as well as a bit of cvs 2. Ladies and gentleman I would like to provide a link to the nubbiest thread i’ve ever read. It’s just…plain…ignorance. Courtesy of guess who?

gamefaqs. what a shock.


Don’t go to gamefaqs boards?

nobody cares

No surprise, I go there for shits and giggles sometimes. The MC2 board was funny as hell, reading discussions about how Sentinel is the worst character because hes big, slow, and can’t combo.

They also strongly advised that you not go into Fly Mode with Sentinel.

Your IQ reduces by 10 for every second you spend reading the GameFAQs forums.

haha gamefaqs, id suggest you stay away from that place unless you want a couple of laughs

Tekken is better
no wait VF is better
no wait who the fuck cares

the ‘nubbiest thread’ ever, excuse me ‘faggiest thread’, is this one that you have created
the fact that you actually troll around GameFaqs forums at all shows what a fag you are

Lots of places are like that.
4chan isn’t much better.

No matter how many retarded topics we get on here, at least a lot of the people on this site understand how these games work.

A popular argument I’ve seen being built on a lot of forums these days is that fighters are all just memorization and patterns which is retarded and overly simplistic.
High level play for fighters in general seem to be rather maligned these days with phrases like “Go back to SRK” and “tourneytards” being floated more and more often.

At the very least, this place is a safe haven from the kind of ignorance that surrounds the genre as a whole.

That being said, I think we’ve had enough of these topics.
We’re all well aware of the fact that fighting game discussion is essentially a steaming shit pile outside of SRK.

Next time do us a favor and die on the outside please?



Must there always be a thread about GameFAQS everytime they say something retarded?

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster] 1234

GameFaqs = Brain Dead Zombie’s


You’re telling me you came here, made an account and decided to remind us(what we already know to obvious) that the GameFags board is crap? Its been discussed to the death and has been made apparent fact since the beginning of SRK’s time on the internet.

Plus, some of those comments there have some bad grammar. Damn. Talk about suck.

What the fuck are you doing at Gamefaqs, trolling for stupid? If not, then what you did was like going to San Francisco in an attempt to get away from gays.

He should have just used the search button…

i like boobs. but i also like vagina.

People like you make me want to kill… people like you.

Welcome to SRK, here’s hoping you grow at least half a brain during your stay. Miracles happen sometimes.

Threads like this make me die inside…

I don’t know how this is suprising:

Tekken: Available with a joystick at gamestop, has a national tournament scene
VF: Go to japan

Maybe to us nerds VF is better, but i mean, I don’t know anyone travelling to play it. In internet world VF is the best thing since sliced bread, but when it comes to backing it up, only tekken is in the scene.