UDON giving away free Dark Ryu Variant comic

Thought you guys would like to know about our SDCC promotions!

-UDON Matt

San Diego Comic Con is only 2 days away! And UDON will be setting up shop there to offer you great Comics, Manga, and artbooks of your favorite Capcom characters!! And to make it even sweeter, we are giving away a never-before-seen Dark Ryu variant to the classic Street Fighter II #1. This special edition Alvin Lee cover is not available anywhere else and also links up with the regular Sagat & Akuma covers to Street Fighter II #1. This fre giveaway is limited to 100 copies per day to the first 100 customers who make a purchase at our booth! So be there early to get this ultra rare edition for your collection!

Also be sure to come and check out one of the most anticipated art books of the year - DARKSTALKERS TRIBUTE! Our batch of Darkstalkers Tribute exclusive harcovers at the recent Otakon show in Baltimore sold out after just one day. We will have limited supply at San Diego Comic con, so get it fast before they are all gone!

Dont forget, UDON artists Omar Dogan, Chamba, Joe Ng, Long Vo, Eric Vedder, & Alex Milne will be at the booth signing and doing sketches and commissions throughout the show!

UDONs booth# is 5112, located right across from the big Capcom booth! See you all at San Diego!

Images can be found at:

Wow the cover to the Darkstalkers Tribute book is really nice! :lovin:

My sentiments exactly, I bet the furries are going to bust a nut over it. :rofl:

Are these comics in color or black and white?

Udon’s line of SF comics are full color; the Darkstalkers art book is also full color art as well.

DAMN I wish I was attending this year but I am attending next year