UCR Lunch Time Tourny 03/07/07

Aight mangs… here we go:

1st - KIT

2nd - TGS

3rd - Everyone Else

Here’s the link to the bracket: [ here ]

Here’s the link to the thread @ Tekken Zaibatsu for the brackets of T5: DR: [ here ]

Damn. Back2Backs for KIT. I aaalllllmoooosttttt beat him. It was like down to the last hit. I parried all the hits from Ken’s super, but then he chip damaged me, and well, the rest is legendary… pssshhh, yeah right. he smoked me.

Anyway. Just wanted to say big-ups to SRK peeps for supportin. Thank you competitors, sponsors, spectators, and organizers for all your support. Hope ya’ll have been enjoyin. I have. :smiley:

Till next quarter.




Shitty sticks FTW!

GG’s to everyone.

Next time I’m calling dibs on the good side.

LOL, good shit stan. sebastian you suck!

haha gg’s

quoted for emphasis

i’m good at 3s

well that was your last chance sebastian… look what happened. Now they think you suck.

hahaha “think?” i DO suck