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Hey guys, my name is Justin and I’m a current UCLA student. If you guys didn’t know Game On! which is the video game lounge that most of us play at recently went free to play (as opposed to paying for time). In light of this fact, I was thinking about starting a new community here similar to Fighting Gamers at UCI.

One of the benefits to using Game On! is that all monitors and consoles are provided. The room has roughly 3-4 PS3 consoles and around 5 Xbox consoles each with their own monitors. The only pieces of equipment that the players would need to bring would be sticks and maybe a copy of a specific game that he/she would like to play. Furthermore, there are four extra Xbox arcade sticks (albeit some with broken buttons) and a large number of PS3/Xbox pads that can be borrowed from the UCLA facility if you have a Bruin card.

If anyone lives near the Westwood/LA area or attends UCLA, please let me know what days and times you guys are free. I would definitely like to try to start some sort of weekly or bi-monthly casual sessions at Game On!

For directions and parking:

Game On! is located in the Ackerman building at UCLA across from Taco Bell. The specific address is 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA.
Parking can be an issue. The police here WILL cite you if you do not have a valid parking permit. Parking costs $12 for all day from the information booths. It also costs $1 per 20 minutes at the self service parking stations. Motorcycles and scooters are free at certain locations.

Here is a link to a map containing the parking lots on campus:

I would suggest parking at parking structure 8 since the Ackerman turnaround is closed until 2016.

Otherwise I hope to see people make it out here! I definitely want to try and make this big and I’m planning on making this an official student group next year. I’m going to email the Game On! staff to see if we can reserve the space if we do get enough people to attend on a certain day.

gameon is kinda small, but i dig the motivation. has anyone new even been there?

holy shit the other thread spans more than a decade

facebook group for those so inclined

There’ve been a few new people who play Injustice seriously. No new Marvel or SF players though. I’m mainly looking for newer/younger UCLA students for this because everyone else I know is a 4th year/graduated already and won’t be around when I’m around.

And I’m also in the GameOn Junkies page too. But I feel that Facebook page is super irrelevant now since like 90% of the people on there don’t even go to UCLA anymore.

Btw are you a current UCLA student? The main reason I started this thread is because I want to start an official student group for fighting games at UCLA next year and I was looking to find people this year.

lol it’s ken and i’m in norcal now. you’re probably gonna have to advertise or set up an event at on-campus housing to gauge interest. seems troublesome, but besides that, i dont see the situation changing much. people werent coming here from other places even when the games were newer. honestly, you should probably just find a way to go to shapiro’s; it’s not too far and you can prob ask someone for a ride if you dont have a car or dont want to bus. there’s also a guy named hansol who lived in culver city when i was there who’s pretty good, but i only played him once at jason’s.

Ohh Ken? How did you not know it was me my name is pretty much in my username. Anyways Nick’s graduating after this year too so I’m not sure how reliable his place is gonna be. Maybe I might try to set up an event or something to see…

I just feel like there’ll be a lot of new players after Ultra comes out and I want a group to be on campus so that we don’t have something like before happening again where everyone just graduates and no one plays fighting games anymore. And not getting FGC veterans here isn’t that big of a deal to me. I kind of just want new people at UCLA to start playing because I know a lot of people who watch Evo and streams, but they don’t play because the learning curve is high. I think that if there was something on campus, it could be a little more inviting because I kind of suck at SF4 also.

Btw you should come visit! I’ll totally body you in Marvel

uh i knew it was you dude why would i reveal my name to a stranger lol. you could try asking what the dude who set up the UCI group (darryl i think is his name) did to start it. ask sam to put you in touch or something. also i think nick is going for a graduate degree so he might be there longer.

this fucking guy. aha but it’s probably true. i played once since i left and i couldnt plink dash =(. if i come by it’ll probably be for scr.

I already did message Darryl and yeah I’ve got some ideas. Oh and sick I had no idea Nick was doing that I’ll ask him too. I don’t really see him around as often nowadays though.

I used to play at the UCLA arcade (Coinz) near the Game On lounge but I was never a student of that specific UC. I would like to get into Injustice and play west coast/CA players in partic if that makes online connections less laggy. I don’t actually have the game yet cos I was checking out the Vita Ultimate Edition, but it sounds HORRIBLE :’( esp. for someone who wants to play as Martian Manhunter, so I might get it for ps3 later…hope to hear back from anyone as it’s been a long time since I’ve been in contact with any locals!

There’s actually a couple of people who play Injustice here. I have no idea how good they are because I don’t play the game myself, but it’s probably the most popular fighting game among casual players. As it turns out, I’ve been trying to meet new FGC people at UCLA and I’ve come to the conclusion that… there aren’t any :stuck_out_tongue:

But there are a lot of new people who want to learn and get into fighting games which is hopeful. If I do start a UCLA FGC club here next year, it’ll probably be aimed towards people who are looking to get into fighting games, so I’ll post here if that does happen.