UCF Orlando FL OT1 Full Results


1st Alex Jebailey
2nd Placido Bunaio
3rd Leland Miller
4th Christian Paw
5th Dwayne Schultz
5th Chris Reardon
7th Carlos Pearman
7th Mat Tom
9th Phil Staton
9th Mike Stanford
9th Juan Gonzalez
9th Dan Reardon
13th Brandon Suber
13th Ryan Waxberg
13th Adam LaRusso
13th Orlando Suber


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike October 25th, 2003

1st Alex Jebailey
2nd Matt Smith
3rd Natham Roach
4th Leland Miller
5th Orlando Suber
5th Dwayne Schultz
7th Phil Staton
7th Chris Reardon
9th Troy Wesley
9th Juan Gonzalez
9th Brandon Suber
9th Dan Reardon
13th Ryan Waxberg


1st Adam LaRusso
2nd Leland Miller
3rd Mike Stanford
4th Dwayne Schultz
5th Dan Reardon
5th Ray Lee
7th Troy Wesley
7th Matt Smith
9th Chris Reardon
9th Orlando Suber
9th Brandon Suber
9th Terrance Massey
13th Phil Staton

wow, leland beat chris and dwayne?? dizzaam.

Jebailey owns FL 3rd strike.

Actually Trent Leland Beat Joe and Dwayne, I beat Leland in the Winner’s finals then Joe came back to beat him.
Leland was the only person to beat me a single round that whole tournament, good job Little buddy.

As for 3s lol, MAN PSL SUCKS lol why waste the drive lol, I didn’t lose a single match that whole 3s tourney.

I dunno why though That Miami Evolved 3s player named Ryan I think it is didn’t win 3s ya know, cause all us Orlando players suck at that game.

Leland beat them one match, but he didn’t eliminate either joe or dwayne. Joe eliminated him later on.

it’s bunIAO not bunAIO, damn it! (shaking fist in air)

God dammit, you know i can’t spell your fucking last name right… its fixed though.


Good games everyone. Had a great time.

Glad I could make the trip up to Orlando so I could give Jebailey his condom money for the night. :lol:

Thanks go out to Shafted! for throwing a 3S tournament, I really appreciate it.

Take it easy and see you next time!

Man, you all lucky that Gainesville didn’t show up for 3s. I’m sure Mike, Alex, and I could’ve taken top 5…including 1st! :evil: Good job Alex, hopefully I’ll be able to come down for the next one.

Heh, they’ll see:cool:

P.s i’ll buy alex some condoms next tourney, lord knows i don’t want another shit like him running around:p

pps if you have to post about getting laid on srk to feel cool, you need a life…

uh-oh, sounds like a challenge for orlando vs gainsville…


Despite the fact that i can’t think of more than 2 people who still play 3s…

Yeah I hope you guys are playing I really have no competition in that game around here, So I prolly wouldn’t have much of a team here, but I’ll take you all on myself and go through your whole team. As for more condomns nah, my girl is on Depo the Shot so I’m set, thanks for caring Mike though.

Hope we can play 3s sometime soon.

Without MVC2 involved, it doesn’t sound like much of a challenge at all…

Props to all who participated. Looks like I missed a good one. :frowning:

It didn’t take much for me to take marvel from O-town, 3s is just next on the list…

Keep sleeping…

And alex, watch out with that depo shot, one of my old gf’s bugged the fuck out on that stuff:eek:

Jokes on you. We gave 3s away in Orlando. Traded it for a stick of gum and incriminating pics of Jebailey and a donkey.

indeed, that shot is shady. it makes extracurricular activity feel nicer but man it fucks a girl’s system. plus that whole horomone drop kinda undermines the point of it but whatever.

What team did you use Alex? Blanka, Sagat… Hibiki? N?

Woah! Troy Wesley 7th! Man hes the real 2nasty! lol way to go fools! , didn’t feel like driving up I guess. Maybe next time. Adam way to win that shit, I’ll come up to beat you down don’t worry. props to everyone else, peace.

Good to see mu nucca’s have improved all around. I coulda won 3rd Strike. I was in teh zone. Damn women keepin’ me away from my games. That JBailey (plumbers ass) is a suckafoo!

shakes a vengeful fist

You can RC in PS2 version?


Jebailey is tooooo random :lol:. Dude when are we gonna ride out in that golf cart again :lol:

woot, a tourney win for me

score one for Testament