**UCC** Southwest Championship June 25-26th $500 SSF4 AE, $500 MvC3, MK, Halo, SSBB San Antonio, TX


Added some updates to the event. Mortal Kombat will be on the PS3. We have a sponsor, Track Scan and their Vibras Xbox 360 headset that will go to the winners of the Halo Reach and Super Smash Bros Brawl tourney. We’ve also updated the rules of the event and added a link to buy your passes early.

Will all of marvel/mvc3/ssf4AE be just on saturday or will it carry over to sunday for finals? Might head out but I don’t want to stay for the entire weekend

Just saturday. We’re starting early and ON TIME for it. If you need to get in the brackets because you’re running late, call me 210-363-4800

[Post reserved for derogatory comment relating to tournaments never starting on time.]
Also bumping it for hype.

Update the times for the events. Every tournament will be starting at 12pm. Registration will open at 10am. The venue is closing at 6pm, so we must start at 12:30pm sharp. If you are late, you risk entering the losers bracket, if there is room. For all of you out of town folks, please plan accordingly

What kind of TVs/monitors will you be using? Some DFW guys and I are interested in going, but the past two SA tournies I’ve been to have been on lag-y hd setups…

We have 3 Asus monitors, 4 Hanns monitors (no complaints about them) and we’ll have some CRTs.

UPDATE: The Southwest Championship is now a UCC event. Players will earn points toward the UpperCut Championship that will happen in the Fall.

Is this tournament guaranteed to happen dont want to get there and it is canceled. I will be trying to catch a ride out of houston.

Oh it’s happening. No doubt about it. Please make sure to make sure to try and be there by the 12pm start time.

Quick update to the MK rules added - - NO USE OF CYRAX’S BOMB TRAP WITH THE ALTERNATE OUTFIT

If I get off on time at 7am and wake up on time before the tourny starts ill bring a full setup for mk. I haven’t plyed mk yet so idk if anything needs to be unlocked or not