U2 questions

  1. How much health does she get back?
  2. Is the amount of health regained dependent on how much revenge meter she has?
  3. Does picking W Ultra reduce the amount of health you can regain?

I don’t know the exact amount of healing she gets from her Ultra, but it does scale on revenge meter and W Ultra does reduce the amount of health you can regain.

“With full health gauge, Elena regains 345 of vitality”

That means with W since its 75% you would fain 260 or so at full gauge with Ultra double.

Something I never did understand about canceling healing is why one would do it?

What’s bad about letting healing run on its own? Does she keep healing if you move or press a button? What happens if you get hit while healing is in effect?

You can’t move while healing. If you get hit while healing you take damage. If you don’t cancel you run the risk of being ultra’d or eating a full combo.