U1 basic level problems

So I recently made a switch to U1, and am having a couple of problems.

My basic mix-up is essentially light pokes -> sekku -> light pokes -> sekku until they are hit confirmed and I move into cr.mk -> ex pinwheel/super/stores etc etc.

My main problem is when I go from crouching pokes to sekku, I constantly “roll” the joystick by habit and fuhajin stores keep coming out instead of my sekku. I understand I need to basically let go of the joystick and press forward medium kick as a “unique” movement, but I can’t shake my muscle memory of QC movements from everything else.

Has anyone else had this problem and how were they able to get around it? (I have a feeling it will just be, “do it over in training mode until you stop doing it…”).

the way i do it on my fightstick is i let go of the stick and use my fingers to push it to the side, my thumb for left and my others for right…may take a little practice to get used to but i find its relatively easy.

I had the exact same issue too, QCF habits. I was always hitting the diagonal which gave me stores. One trick is to go neutral before inputing the forward for the sekku. And yes, I got better by doing it over and over in training mode :stuck_out_tongue: I still do stores when I’m really tired or nervous otherwise it’s rare. You can also do your sekku after a standing mp, then you just input forward. But it’s good to learn to sekku from lows to make your string not so predictable.

c.mk is tight frame to link after the sekku, go with scl.lk, c.lk, scl.mp instead (easier to harder)

I can’t give you specific stick pointers (hitbox player ^^) but try go to neutral.

Sorry when I said go to c.mk, I meant from c.lk -> cr.mk. It’s my standard poke after sekku unless I block or grab.

Good advice about doing sekku after standing mp though, I might try that just to get used to doing it.

I used to have the same problem. I still do sometimes. I’ll wanna do

C.lk > sekku and get mid store.

You need to slow down. You’re losing control of your character. Think about what you want to do and think of the exact inputs needed to do this. Slow it down and find a good rhythm.

Training mode is there for a reason. Commit it to memory. But also you should be using scmp after sekku which eliminates the problem.