U.S. HRAP EX Delayed Until February


What the hell am I going to play SFIV with?

One of these, I would guess.

Heck, I didn’t even know Hori was planning on bringing these things over! Now, waiting until their only (and better) competition hits the market too, are they TRYING to lose money?

SFIV is coming out about the same time, so all is not lost, maybe a few days.

Amazon preorders for the SFIV TE Stick are closed :frowning:

I just noticed this February date too when I preordered the HRAP EX today. I may just get a custom and cancel this order.

what about the hrap3 sanwa for ps3

Yeah. I would have gotten a Tournament Edition if they were still available.

Secondary market for them is going to be killer.

I could always get a Japanese EX but they’re - they get expensive.

Man. I suppose I could buy a XFPS for the 360 and use my modified pelican universal arcade stick. What’s $90 in the grand scheme of things?*

Truth is I don’t want to not have an EX. I was sorta planning on this being my stick for a few years (y’know… hopefully).

*it’s $90.

I preordered a TE stick and canceled my order for the HRAP EX - the only reason I was going to go with the HRAP was that it had an earlier release date.

As of a few minutes ago, Amazon was still taking preorders for the 360 TE, not sure how long it’s been “back” on the site.

how about arcade shock? is theirs pushed back also??

Confirmed it is available now (it wasn’t before).

Ship date on the MC is February 20th though. The Hori is still February 3rd…

Damn it. I’m still apprehensive about picking up Mad Catz first premium stick. It looks the business.

I sent Trieumenator an email. If they’re still in December, they might see a nice spike in sales.

i sent them an email too… i also talked to them around nov 25th this is what he said


good news for Madcatz

If amazon orders are closed for SF4 stick, why don’t you just reserve it at a GameStop/EB Games or GameCrazy actual store?

I was told by the manager at the local GameCrazy that their stores weren’t going to receive the sticks. Is this a new revelation or is the manager full of crap?

sigh i hope there not bullshitting me lol

The gamecrazy manager is crazy. They WILL get the SF4 sticks. They are already doing preorders.

If you preorder it, they will come.

In store preorders have started and GameCrazy will do online preorders soon.

Yeah he’s right. If you can pre-order it then you will get one. I was at my local gamestop last night and i thought about pre-ordering one. But then I realized I play my fighting games on Dreamcast and don’t even own an xbox 360 or ps3.

Yeah, i am also curious about the PS3 HRAP 3. I have one preordered. I haven’t received any emails saying they have been delayed.

Lame. I was going to buy an HRAP too for my 360. My Hori EX2 is already getting unresponsive due to excessive use from SF2 HDR. Now I have to decide whether to get the Arcade in a box or wait for that Madcatz TE stick to come out at the end of february. Argh.

Don’t know if you guys saw, but this is from arcade shock:

Update (12/12/08: We will be getting these sticks in the first week of January 2009. Pre-orders will ship immediately thereafter. As promised, we will be the first to get this, which means those who pre-ordered will be the first to have them in the states as well. Thank you to everyone who waited patiently for this. The time for perfect fighting controls is almost here.)