U.K carlisle FGC

any fighting game players in Carlisle? does anybody know if there is any tournaments in or around Carlisle?

Hey man, this is probably the wrong place for this.

I don’t actually know about the Carlisle scene myself, but a good start for you is to sign up to the forums at www.eufighters.com and ask in the regional UK section about it.

While I don’t know about your area in particular, there are really good scenes in Glasgow and the Teeside/Newcastle area which are quite close to you.

Teesside’s facebook group is here; https://www.facebook.com/groups/teessidefightclub/

And Glasgow’s stuff can be found here; https://www.facebook.com/groups/328529733845792/?fref=ts

Hope this helps.

@Spartan_Throne ok thanks for the help :}

Moved to the World forum. The UMvC3 forum does have a Match-Making thread. :slight_smile:

Yo tau I sent you a message with some details. Trying to set up a small scene. As I have come back from uni with no local players.