U guessed it, Another PlaySmart Tournament on Tuesday

Date: Tuesday Aug 17th
15$ to enter, if 20+ people show up on time then 10$
Casuals start up @ 4:00 wen it hits 5 thats wen everybody pays up and we get the brackets down, then we will precede with the tournament itself between 5:30 and 6
Pay structure: 1st 60$, 2nd 20$, 3rd 15$
5 total screens: wen tournament starts we have 3 Tournament and 2 casual and wen its over casuals go until the mall closes

Double elimination

Standard tournament rules apply

Again shoutout to everyone who showed up last time, we had a blast man, shout out to Boflex Mike for hopping off the Boflex and beating us all again,lol, and shout out to every one that talked shit and for misunderstanding, its cool tho, all love all the time from me and CBea, but anyways Ive seen some feedback so I’ll give u guys a run down
-ive seen and heard a few complaints about input lag and im here to tell yall there is not a DAMN thing we can do about the screens, best we can do is turn the resolution down to 720p, but for the most part its EXTREMLEY minimal, i kno quite a few of yall want standard EVO screens, but thats why EVO is EVO,they overlook every tedious thing to please the most nit pickiest of players(and thats why its 40$ to enter)

-as far as the price i kno 15$ is kinda steep but like i said in last post, if we can get @ least 20 people to show up(on time) we will knock it down 10$, like i said before this is a place of business, with our without us, they keep it going, so we have to respect that they have quotas to make, and for the most part we are taking up the entire venue for the evening

i will most def be there next Tuesday, its finals week so i had to miss this one :frowning: The lag is kinda lame. Is it possible for us to bring TVs for this. It would make your tournaments more appealing if there was no chance for lag at all, and i doubt people would mind lugging around a for an all around better experience.

@ROX45 there really isnt a chance to bring in screens,lol the set up for the place is already there, so there is nothing we can do about that, and trying so will change the dynamic of the venue anyways. but like i said the Lag is really minimal, Boflex was telling me even they get complaints at the dojo for lag so ur gonna hear this on anything thats not a standard evo screen

I think it’d be smart to just have one thread for the play smart tournaments, and then edit the title each time with the new date.

I think im gonna do that frank, like right now