Type a pad vs joystick


In our crew of people playing sf4 some people use pads, some use sticks.
Whenever theres a change over people make sure to change the control configuration from joystick to pad (and visa versa) even though this it is always kept as type-A.

I can’t see any official statements about difference, however at a tournament i attended someone mentioned that switching to joystick meant it properly handled the square gate of the sticks and button sensitivity was generally altered.

Can someone please put me outa my misery and speak the truth on this matter.
My personal feeling is it makes no difference.
Discussion is great, but proof would be better :wink:


You are correct. When switching between the Arcade Stick and Game Pad (or whatever they called it in the options) modes in Street Fighter IV, there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE regarding performance. It does not “change the button sensitivity” or “make the directions more accustomed to a square gate.” That would be stupid and would give PlayStation 3 players a leg-up on Xbox 360 players since the X360 controller has no pressure sensitivity on the buttons like the PS3’s Dual Shock 3 does.

The only reason Capcom made those different categories is to make it easier to quickly access different, but common layouts that people use in gamepads or arcade sticks for playing fighting games. That’s it; nothing more.

As far as a game console is concerned, the inputs from a digital pad and a digital stick are the same; just on or off. The system has no way to know, thus account for, a pad or any kind of gate. The hardware just doesn’t work like that.

Plus a lot of people use custom square gate sticks with hacked pads for the electrics… if what your friends say is true, how would you set the console?

Basically, you’re right.

Cheers guys,

Yeah it had always been perplexing me.
The fact that we had to enter the menu at the beginning of each fight to change this was driving me crazy!

I think people were just blaming failed utra’s on the configuration being wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
you know how it is, any disadvantage now matter how minor can make the difference.