Tx Triple Threat: Tek6/MvC2/SF4 - Corpus/Victoria, Texas Jan 28th

** Victoria, TX Tournament @ The Victoria College January 28th (Tekken6/MvC2/SF4)
** VIctoria, TX Tournament @The Victoria College! January 28th (Tekken6/MvC2/SF4)

If we get enough entrants we may have teams for T6/SF4 - oh yeah, MvC2 will be an added bonus and we’ll be on the PS3, no official tourney yet, just casuals.

--  No tentative schedule for games, this tournament is small and for fun mostly, and will mainly focus on Tekken.


There is no official Marvel vs Capcom 2 brackets.

Some games may run late, but this is no excuse on why you did not show up on time for that specific game. If you are not on time, then too bad. Registration begins as soon as the doors open and the venue is open which is 1:00pm

-- Rules
- Don't act stupid (#1 rule, BTW).
- No alcohol is allowed at theVenue  (keep it far away from the College lol).
- No game breaking glitches allowed that will prevent the match to finish.


Following that,

  • Teams will be King Of Fighters/Pokemon style. If the first team mate were to lose, the second one takes over. If he were to lose then Game Over, you and your team will be placed in the Loser’s Bracket. If you lose in that bracket, then you are out of the tournament (better luck next time, )
    FYI, If you are unable to find a team mate, but are interested in joining the event, we will pair you up with someone else who does not have a team mate. Hopefully you will get your game going.

– Location
The Victoria College
2200 East Red River Street
Victoria, TX 77901-4494
(361) 573-3291
MAP: http://www.google.com/mapdata?CxW0q7cBHa8rOPogDwxAjgJIuQFSAlVTkAECygECZW4

For More info Call my cell; (361)648-4764

  -- Registration Cost
1.00$ ( However, if we dont hit the 12 person mark, the 1.00 fee will be **WAIVED**!!!
* Venue Fee: $1
* To Enter Each Game: 1 buck for all the games.
This is the price for each person, not teams. And remember, you only need to pay the Venue Fee once.
If your interested in joining more than one game, just sign in the sign up sheet for the extra game when you arrive at the venue.

Top 2  of each game are awarded  prizes, no confirmation on what they'll be, but assuming everyone pays the 1.00 venue fee, it will be the whole pot, and I am throwing in a spot win Texas Showdown @ Anime Matsuri in Houston Texas (Buy the ticket for the venue). Other prizes will be tentative. 2nd placers will at least get Tekken/Sf4 merchandise. Sorry, I cannot afford real huge prizes, I am broke and running this tourney out my back pocket.

– Hope you guys can make it and visit the biggest growing scene in Texas! This tournament should not be one to missed, come check it out whenever you can! Don’t worry, you don’t have to enter the event, just show up and watch the event

1st Place PRIZES for SF4 and Tekken 6 will get: (so far)

-Payed Elite Badge for Texas Showdown @ Anime Matsuri in April.
-Free Ticket to see Tekken 6 in theaters, Lol.
-Total Prize pot (atleast 12 bucks…if the minimum applicants shows up!) minimum.

isn’t january 28 on a thursday

Yes :frowning: unfortunately, we have to coincide with the venue (its mainly for college students)

ok. i’ll go

take me with youuuuu

Marvel on ps3?? come on now…

If someone wants to bring a dreamcast, by all means…

dang lucky in not in VTX working that week,i’ll be in HTown, i would have handled things. :wink:. free win for Jewelman in SFIV and Damage in MVc2.:tup:

lol we’re taking that lunch money and spending it on the infamous rainbow edition arcade that is sure to be there

this seems cool, but damn PS3 timing might fuck me up again.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know, no official MvC2 tourney. AS of now Im not even sure 8 people will be there, just letting peeps know so they dont waste a trip, unless they want to come and play our MvC2 players for fun…

Ha Ha no offense dude, but Marvel is not fun when one guy knows how to play and the other doesn’t. Sucks for both players. But shit might go anyways, Doubt I will be doing anything that Thursday. Plus supporting scenes is important.

Chris hit me up if your going man.

How many people play marvel in Victoria? If you can set up some money matches i’ll come, since all I do these days is sit and wait for my shows to download, i’m on that rock bottom shat UGH!

Tell them all they have to do is pick storm/sent/commando and make sure the background music isn’t a Michael Jackson song and it’s a free win(s) for them. We can do team mm’s too, it’ll give me a better chance at winning if damage898 is on my team because he’s sooooo sexy woooooooo O_O.

This is at a college? Tell everyone that I’ll do their accounting homework for money also.

Oh no its not that. There are lots of MvC2 players here, we have the arcade cabinet at tilt. but we have about 3 or 4 players who say they’re reallly solid and can beat anyone in corpus. I just dont know if the best one will show up. Im more of a tekken player myself…but if you guys are going i’ll entice them to really come to this.

oh yeah - someone feel free to bring a dreamcast/mvc2, because if someone doesnt (either here or there) you guys will be playing marvel on the next gen consoles.


Here’s some 10month old vids of a couple of our top guys playing marvel:


See who all is coming for sure and ask them if any of them are down to mm.

Is marvel still on low damage at the TILT?

whoa whoa whoa ill go to this if u gett MM set up im from corpus and i FEEL LIKE I CAN BEAT ANYBODY FROM VICTORIA YA DIGG … 4 FRAY let mw know i play sent,iceman,guile “TEAM GoonBoon” a.k.a Roger That!

Im also looking for money matches and yes I am sekscy woooooo!