Two Pelican PS2 -> PS3/PC (USB) adapters

Hi. Can you use two Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapters on the PC at the same time? Two PS2 controllers with as little input lag as possible instead of one… I’d imagine there’s no problem, but it’s safer to ask people who may know the answer rather than pay a not-so-small amount of money (in Brazil it costs the equivalent of US$ ~80) possibly only to find out things don’t work very well with two of those adapters.

Thank you very much.

I just did the test on my PC (windows XP) and they work perfect.

I have two PS2 Saturn Controllers for PS2 that I love, I just used them on the PC with the Pelican PS2 -> PS3 Adapters

They work perfectly.

I tested it on Nebula

I’ve done it with XP as well. It’s all been flawless for me.

I’ve seen it not work with Win 2000, though. It will likely pick up only one of the two controllers.

Don’t expect anything good out of Vista. Vista cannot be trusted with anything. It will likely pick up both controllers, your cel phone, your couch, and your dog, and then light them all on fire.