Two Monitors, One Console, Zero Lag

Hey guys, I’m planning to get some good ol’ ASUS VH monitors for group gaming sessions. We’ve been using heavy CRTs (and laggy LCDs when we have to…) for some time, and I think it’s time we stepped up.

However, after spending a good chunk of time playing Vampire Savior on a Sega Versus City, I’m convinced that two monitors, back-to-back, sharing one system is just the way to go. I honestly don’t even know what the name of such a device is that would allow this possibility, but I have a strong hunch that most of these would cause noticeable lag.

So, does anybody know of a video splitter (if that’s what they’re called) that will cause little-to-no lag? I appreciate any help!


I’ve done tests that confirm the VGA splitter does not create any more latency or is within the microsecond range and is unnoticable. I haven’t confirmed the HDMI splitter but I believe that monoprice PRO one was confirmed to be lagless and even was used by Team Spooky at some point.

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Revive from da dead!

So, I want to make an event on a lan house that has 40 pcs. I was wondering, this VGA splitter is expensive to massbuy, so wouldnt this one do the trick?

Also, if it isnt too much to ask, where would I plug those female plugs? I mean, my monitor has only a female too, so…

Just use two standard VGA cables - one each for the monitors.

The problem is: I want to connect consoles to the PC monitors and share it’s image with another monitor, so each player will stay with an entire screen, can I do it anyway?

You’re basically looking at connecting the VGA out from the console to the splitter, then to the two monitors. You don’t connect the splitter directly to the monitors, you run a VGA cable from them to the monitor. So in all you’ll have the VGA out from the console, the splitter, then two separate VGA cables. Or am I misunderstanding what you’re asking?

This is what I want to do:

Actually the cables dont matter much, I just want the system to work laglessy. What should I do?

if you are going the VGA route, You need to find a PS3 compatible VGA adapter, A VGA splitter and any additional VGA and audio cables for the set up.

the other route is HDMI? which you suggest?

VGA you are less likely to get noticable lag.
HDMI is less likely to have visual artifacts.
You also have no HD picture for Blu Ray without a HDMI cable.

Bear in mind the PS3 does not natively support “VGA” and you either need the Mayflash PS3/Wii Component to VGA adapter OR get a PS1/2/3 Scart cable and connect that to a image upscaler that outputs VGA.

Isnt there a way to connect the console to the monitor via HDMI and then connect the monitor with the other monitor with a different cable? I’ll have to use HDMI from the console to the monitor in the end since it would be too complex to me to find and use an adapter.

Its a HDMI Splitter, your console’s HDMI goes in. Out 2 Cables one to each monitor.

There Simple as that.

No, due to High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection or HDCP there no way to daisy chain HDMI connections.

The only way to do a direct split the way you want it is via COMPONENT CABLE

Thanks for all the info bro. Money is short so I’ll use TV then, since they’re bigger, but will have to use 1 for 2 players. That’s kinda frustrating, though.

And Monoprice is about as cheap as it gets too.

Well shit sucks I know. Split screen it is.

Well, there’s a $20 solution on Amazon that’s gotten decent reviews -
$20 and it has a 4 1/2 star rating.

Literally almost any powered HDMI splitter.

I don’t know anything about VGA though. Honestly speaking if you’re running VGA, save up for an upgrade.

Keep in mind, there no guarantee that that HDMI splitter will lag.

PC VGA doesn’t have the interference or lag issues HDMI often has.

i can confirm the mono price splitters above have no noticeable issues. I don’t have any issues landing 1 frame links on this setup as compared to my 1 other monitor setups. Here’s my bartop setup with a mono price 2x1 hdmi splitter with a 360slim and 2 vh236h “evo” monitors.