Two hit air-combo

Besides Elena MP,HP and Yun LP,f.HP, who else got a two hit combo?

Ryu’s jumping MP, Chun-Li’s jumping fierce, fierce.

Elena’s LK,MK
Jumping FK

Yang’s MK, df+MK

the only character that require precise timing to link it

so as oro’s jump-in fierce ( not verticle jump) and his air-chicken air-combo is the hardest

The chicken air combo is not that hard… I mean it is just:
MP (1 hit) > qcf.MK do that 3 times… kind of…

But somehow I have a feeling you are not talking about that.

Oro has the Chicken Kick, and the Chicken Combo. you were talking about the Chicken Combo.

the Chicken Kick can go up to 9 hits. you jump and do the move and his feet turn into a typewriter.

Ibuki has j. jab -> j. fierce and j. short -> j. forward

not sure if any directional input is required. haven’t used Ibuki in years :lol:.


She has three actually:

j.JP -> j.FP
j.SK -> j.RH
j.FP -> F+j.FK

The last one is the easiest to pull off, and is the only one of the three that can be done from a straight up jump.

I always wondered what the exact timing was to get full hits on the chicken combo. It seems more timing-based than mashing-based, kinda like Gen’s kicks in A2/3.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Do the air chicken on the way up and mash the kick button. That’s it.

Yeah I know it works that way, but can you like jump in on the guy and get the full hits. Of course this is hypothetical because in that situation you’d just be looking to juggle them with launcher after you float them with 1 hit.

No, it doesn’t seem possible to get all the hits on the way down. But as you said, you wouldn’t want to do that anyway.