Two controllers. One computer

I recently got two PS2-PS3 converters so that I could play with the sticks on my PC and laptop. The problem is that they both input the same thing. For example, I can press the same button on both sticks respectively, and it’s the same input. Is there a way to split this? Thanks!

it would help if you explain whats the brand/name of the converters.

check your control panel > game controllers and see how many converters are identified. Post what you find

XP, Vista, or something else?

I had this problem alos, ex2 and mas hooked with a pelican. Windows (Vista) seems to use the same inputs.


Let’s say triangle on my MAS is Joy 0 Button 4. On my EX2, the “B” button might register the same thing. So you have two joysticks mapping the same thing.

It’s dumb.

Hmm. This shouldn’t happen. Windows has had support for multiple input devices for years.

It’s either something in the driver or your converter.


It’s pretty much the same problem as what RagingStormX mentioned. I’m on XP, and it’s a Pelican and an InPin.

same for me with an xbox1 pad + my mas with a psone pcb and the joybox converter … sucks ass -.-

Dang…I was planning on doing this type of game play with my roommate!
Now I wonder what an easy solution is if it’s not a problem with drivers, but instead, with something else? (>.> obviously <.<)

I hope a solution comes about soon.

Odd. I have the same setup. Works just fine. HRAP2 + Pelican and HRAP2SA + inPin on Mame. Besides the occasional dropped inputs (stupid mame =), it works just fine.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I use XP as well

I recently looked into this because I’ve been wanting to play SF with my friend at a Dunkin Donuts with my laptop and two sticks.

The solution in theory is simple!
Rename the inputs for one of the joysticks. So I went into google and searched for “renaming joystick inputs” and I found this forum/site.

I’m not sure if it works yet because I haven’t had a chance to test it out the past two days.

I’m sure it will work. What this program should enable you to rename the joystick to be keyboard inputs.

But actually, as I was writing this I realized maybe if the program is looking for Joy 0 Button 4 it might collect the input from the other stick… (if that makes sense)

I’m going to have to try it out! If someone gets to it before I do all the better. I don’t think I’ll be able to until tomorrow evening :\

Also, I’m on a vista laptop that does the same thing that RagingStorm’s computer does

I tested the JoytoKey program I mentioned in my earlier post and it doesn’t seem to work…

It successfully changes my Joystick controls to keyboard inputs (Joy 0 Button 4 = O) but as I thought the JoytoKey program still looked for the joystick inputs from both joysticks!

I’m going to mess around with it more tonight or tomorrow and hopefully get something!

Let me know if anyone else has a solution. I’d like mine to act as TingBoys where both sticks will register seperately :stuck_out_tongue: