Twitchy fingers?

Just wondering if anybody has ever dealt with this kinda stuff. Its like when i try to enter a dp motion for a move my thumb gets all twitchy and doesnt like wana move or anything then i have to force it out and i ruin the whole combo. This started like last year when i tried learning the ewgf now my thumb is all messed up lol. Its like when im on the right side everything goes smoove. When im on the left my thumb acts up whenever i mtrying to do a dp motion. Any help on this or so?

Yes i do play pad but i might convert to stick.

use a charge charecter.

srsly tho, thats odd id have a doctor check you out

if not then stretch out ur fingers if not have some one massage ur hand ( im mexican so ive had some1 do that with my back wen i messed it up once )
i use to get crazy cramps on my hands wen i was working for a company that had me dealing with small things

Rule 1) Practice
Rule 2) Practice some more.
Rule 3) Repeat. Until you can get it 100%. If not, you’ll mess up because of your nerves.

Otherwise, worth seeing the doctor. You may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

I’ve never heard of that before. You could always do some finger & hand stretches before/after you play.

You might want to cut down your caffeine intake as well. Whenever my fingers get twitchy, it’s either because of nerves or I’ve had too much caffeine.

Hope that helps. :smiley:

GET SOME SLEEP, i bet your at it 100% each day. if not then try drinking drinks with ginseng in them, it relaxes muscles