Twisted metal 2012

This game is epic. Post up your PSNs and join our games. We have a clan (SRK GD)!

List (SRK Name - PSN Name)

SWBeta - Star-WB
FlyMike - FlyMike45
Crimson - SteveTheHawk

I will be joining the clan Friday.

Crimson - SteveTheHawk


Bitches here been claiming they want a new, legit Twisted Metal. And after it FINALLY releases, all I see when I look at my PSN friendslist is ho shit. Grow some balls. Man up motherfuckers.


Wow, SRK Playstation owners aren’t playing this game? It’s SO good!

I just got my copy back. I will learn 2 play tomorrow or something

I want to play today. Who’s down?

A balance patch hit a few weeks ago. Details here

I want to play UC3 today. Just like everyday recently.

Sorry TM, I still love you.

Bitch, we can do both. Get on TM, then we’ll play UC3 after a few sessions. Also, hit me up on AIM. I’m on now.

I sent you an IM on there yesterday, but you’ll have to just add or IM me since the shit comes straight to my cell in a text.

I’ll be on after work probably.

I also only have AIM on my phone :rofl:

I hate how they announce UC3 goty and are silent a month later. I am so impatient that I would import the EU version as long as the price is close to 40 bucks US. Dat region free baby, btw check this out.

Competitive UC3 channel, some dope vids.

EDIT: Hoping some SRK mgo heads jump on UC3 but it seems our interests are split. Some are jumping on the new ghost recon while others are sticking strictly to AR.