Twinkle Star Sprites Turnament @ Austin Texas II '08 The Dream Raep Never Ends



That is right boys and girls, once again, the carnage shall take place.:cool:
The Day:

Saturday June, 7th 2008
at 8 pm. (updated)

The Place:

Tek Republik
5310 Burnet Road #106
Austin, TX USA 78756

Turnament Rules:

-Double elimination if <12 players, single if otherwise.
-Mevious and Memory; Teh Banned.:razz:

Entry fee: Yours truly is hosting this tourney,
so, no fee or credits are required to enter.:smokin:


1st-Lucky Star Esp Ed Dvd Box.:yawn:
2nd-ADK Cake, yes, a real one modeled after Memory’s boss attack.:pleased:


-Again special thanks to Talks2wall for lending us TSS.
-FubarDuck for saving, placing, maintaining, and playing the games we all love.:rock:

This is epic.

Good Luck with the tournament, I love TSS!

holy shit no mike uyama itt i thought you were good for a random post


I’ll post a pic of it, as soon as its done!:wgrin:

HAY, everybody that’s going, i know we’ll have at least Vishema and pontakun’s camera there, but we need this entire tourney recorded and uploaded to youtube. I can’t make it there until 10PM so i probably won’t participate but i can start recording from that point on, but ppl bring cameras to record footage just in case.

Also, we’re considering that 1st 2nd 3rd place gets to choose the prizes listed above, because I don’t want finals to be everybody trying to get 2nd for memory cake. :bluu:

it’ll be pretty much i think our final weekend at Tek, so make it a hella good one guys