Twinkle star sprites matches

Me and my buddy are always looking for more medium to high level players to play twinkle star sprites with. If anyone would like to set up some matches, you can use aim to IM us at nineallday00 or mikwuyma. Thanks, hopefully some of you out there play this!

Get me on messenger some day, I’m on my recently new PSP now-a-days but if you see me on messenger just get at me.

Twinkle Star Sprites is a type of game where delay affects the game more negatively than a fighting game since its a airplane shooter. I love that game, but I’d never play it online.

I disagree completely, having played many many times online, I can play with a 60 ms delay and its still not incredibly bad as compared to doing the same in a fighting game.

<3 pencil girls

yeah Macky & Pentell are hella good

I just played this online for the first time and should probably get more matches in


…except i don’t play this =(

But yeah these guys are solid shmup heads, you won’t be disappointed!

…seriously i’m still trying to wrap my head around stanski getting an srk account for this shit

I’ve had an SRK account for a lwhile, I played fighting games competitively in the past, though most recently all I played was ssbm. I’ve been getting into other fighters with casuals more recently, however. So no, i didn’t get this account just for making this thread.

I’m in on this for sure. I just started playing, but I love this game to death. :lol:

If you want some scrub practice, hit me up on MSN:

By the way Griffon isn’t a broken char. to use, right?

Why not p2p this shit.

No, there really aren’t any “broken” characters but traditionally in japanese matches Mevious and memory are banned. Tiers imo are something like this (i’m a sprites player and my buddy is really good with schmitt so that probably throws this off a bit):


Nanja Manja
Tinker and Linker

Ran/Dark Ran

Macky and Pentell
Yan Yan


I need to figure out why my P2P doesn’t work to well (it freezes sooo much for everyone I play and gets a “data transfer error”) before I can play any more matches.

Which p2p version are you using.


That’s what I was thinking, but I’m rarely on threads and the like; that’s why I gave my hotmail so people can just contact me whenever they feel like playing.

And I can host, using Nfba DTR. I know it works cause I’ve played like 3 people beforehand hosting.

Till…Low Tier? I gotta get some matches in with you now for sure to see if that statement has any truth to it. Till is one of my top picks in this game along with D. Ran. When are you on?

Reasons till is low tier:

Charge attack is awful
Boss attack awful
shot speed awful

Reasons i may underestimate:
fast speed
decent charge speed and secondary attack

BTW, I play Till a lot (my main is sprites, secondary is probably nanja, then I play Till, Tinker, and the rest of teh cast all comes last), but the people I play with usually call her low or mid tier. I lean towards low tier however.

i need to get my P2P working, but I’m online usually late at night EST (10 pm and afterwards).

tss will be coming to 2df:rock:

If anyone wants to play me in Tss Aim me at Chubberwinkle.

GO THE HELL AWAY! this is MY game and i’ll be running this thread from now on. now…who’s first in line to win the chance to battle me?

Man I dont know what the hell this game is or how to play it or care for the characters…but it’s a shmup, im gonna rape everyone of y’all anyway cuz, yall are talking mess and Im just that type of dude.

j/k ^^