Twelve V.S. Urien

I always have a hard time with this match-up somestimes I win, sometimes I get close or I just lose. I remain to keep away games Pokes. Using standing :mp: :lp:, crouching :lp: :mk: :lk:. If Urien ever whiffs a move or lands from a jump I tend to use crouching :hk:. I always use A.X.E. (LP), for wake-up. Always stay building bar, usin N.D.L.'s & EX N.D.L.'s to add to my keep-away. I try my best to stay outta the corner at all times. If i do get corner, I try super jump, air dash or throw Urien if he’s close. Half of the time my opponent remains and building bar, then punishes me with Aegis traps, EX Head-Butt, Tackle. I’ve learned to quick recover to evade Wake-Up Aegis. Plus, once my opponent learns my airborne patterns & play, they anti-air me with metallic spheres. What can I do?

You should of posted this in the 12 forum not the Urien one

The only thing I can tell you(as a Urien player) is if Urien has you in the corner, don’t jump

Ask in the 12 forum, TB probably knows something to help you

sorry I must of clicked the wrong one