Twelve Thread!

Discuss combo’s, poke’s, best & worst match-up’s, Air Dash & Throw set-up’s, invisibilt, Super Arts and other strategic related matters about 12 here.

Is there anything decent to kara throw with that’s actually worth the effort?

Nope. Twelve has great throw priority, terrible throw range. And amusingly enough, you throw more with him than most characters.



what’s the start-up on his throw? i notice urien has great throw priority too. why is that?

when ever i grab with 12 i hit strong-lp+lk to give it a few more pixels of range. too bad his close strong isnt manual, like back+strng, otherwise he’d have a useable kara throw.

thongboy: yea, your right 12 needs to throw alot. do to lack of a damaging b&b throws are decent damage 4 him. i especially love to tech throws cuz it gives me space to build/run/dashback/jumpback+FP…u c were im going w/ this.

common anti airs (at least the 1s i use)

}ex ndl (duh)(parry)-block/parry/and many other options
}stand jab(parry)-> jab axe/jab ndl(if from far)/exndl
}stand fwd(parry)->sjc back+jab(parry)- air dash frwd/back or rh dra
}low strng(parry)-block/parry/sa1(if far) *this must b done early
}st fp *i use this out of jump anticipation
}st fwd(parry)->sjc exdra/sa2 !! **good stuff thongboy (watch his tutorial if u havent)! i use this when i can spare the meter
or iad toward (u go underneath the char) * this is risky against chars w/ crossup atks.

tough matches (for me)

vs oro
someone help me w/ this one. even the half-assed oros give me trouble. i seems that i must play defensive the entire battle. trying to anitair him is a waste of time. the double jump throws me off. if i wait for the dj they may single jump+rh. i dont wanna parry his jump ins cuz hes too confusing. i rarely poke due to oros rediculous priority .low fp beats 12s st jab, and that hurts! no low fowards 4 me either, oros st fwd beats it. thus, im forced into an arial battle w/ him. i choose not to exdra him, he might dj and i miss, wasting meter in the process. jp str seems to do fairly against him. i usualy air dash back to avoid antiair boogers and to try and bait him into throwing a horizontal booger. what is this match!! its like oro was designed to fight 12.

other stuff

iad jab is great.if its not parried

}iad jb-wait-throw
}iad jb-low short(opponent expects throw this time)->jbaxe->xndl
}iad jb-(opponent throws)jump up+rh * normal+ size chars only
}iad jb-iad jb-repeat * weeny rush down, dont abuse
}iad jab-dash back * safe


what do you guys think about low jump+jb axe for pressure? i use this against low level players and sparingly against higher-level(because i fear retaliation). kens sa3 can punish this right? im not sure.

does any1 know what the 12 acronyms are? like dra ndl hug xcopy, etc. mean? and… what color do u use? jab and strong 4 me, but the console infra-red(st+frd?) and bubblegum(st+rh?) r my favs. :clap:


the start on his throw is 3 frames like everyone else

I’ve never played Oro but Twelve V.S. Ken is judgement day for 12.

You can only look for openings and punish them, not air dash, use spare iad to get into close range. Always go for a throw after blocking a S.A. 3. Stay outta the air never jump, iad or air dash period. If he throws fireballs, walk under of course and throw. Throwing is the only thing to possibly beat Ken.

most of the shit I abuse is ( i dont mean on Ken)

IAD LP, throw

Air dash HP, crouching LK x 2 (good poke aqnd a combo for 12)

Or use a Air Dash Hk (even a cross-up) crouching LK x 2

Lots of pokes from standing LP which hits high so it’ll whiff against crouchign characters
standing far away MP good quick poke, weak anti-air
standing far away HK, not safe, an opponent can quickly recover and super art yo ass, so use it as a whiff punisher from maximum range
use a mix-up of crouchign LP/LK x 2, both quick and good for wake-up plus a meaty crouching LK is always good
crouching MK, safe, long range good to use after a crouching LP/LK x 2 wake-up
crouching MP and B.M.K. are his best moves to whiff from a distance to buiuld bar effectively, these moves are anti-airs but rather weak in that department.
Use standing HP fort anti-air

the only time i play twelve is when i fight hugo =O

but when they start rolling away from the OTG glitch i get pwned.