TVC Stick: Is this video information correct?

So I was browsing on youtube and came across this [media=youtube]Utk05TYTdz4[/media]. It’s basically a review of the TvC stick that came out a while back ago. Assuming this is the same stick, I found this stick to be less than adequate especially considering the price and the fact that the Wii Fighting Stick is only half it’s price but of much better quality. The thing that made question the video was the fact that oldskoolfool said the stick is a Sanwa stick. Is this correct, did the TvC stick come with a Sanwa stick built in?:coffee:

Seeing as how Markman has it ranked C,

I highly doubt it’s made from real parts. Plus, I believe oldskoolfool said “Sanwa style,” not Sanwa. It’s most likely made with knock-off parts all soldered directly to the pcb.

And it is made out of all plastic. Very light.

id pick one up jus to mod it… doesnt look all that bad

IMO, you’re still better with going with the Hori Wii stick instead of this one.

whys that?

That thing is hideous. It kinda looks like a playskool joystick.

Wouldn’t someone be better off getting an all sanwa RAP2 and getting a PS2 to GC converter, or does that not work on the Wii?

Yes the stick is indeed toy-like. Only get it for collection purposes like I did. I have only played on it maybe 2 times.

Yes, a better stick + good converter would be good.

But I meant if you’re going to get a Wii stick, the Hori one is better overall.

Build quality + weight.

i bought it when the game came out and its still sealed lol