TvC stick for ps3?

Is it true that the TvC stick will work with the ps3 if i buy this dongle?
If so how would i configure it as I currently possess both these items

anyone? T.T

It works like magic, I have one. You can’t configure it except in the game your playing, so navigating menus can be a pain trying to remember what button to push. But it’s super cheap, and makes 2 TVC sticks work on PS3. Love this product! I personally hate the TVC sticks, but it’s what I have friends use or what I carry if I go certain places. I opened both of mine up and switched the wiring on the last 2 sets of buttons. Stock the PS3 doesn’t read the 3rd set of buttons because they are analog or some shiz. Just switch the wires around and then the last 2 buttons don’t work instead. You only need 6 anyway.

how would i configure it? I have the stick connected to the ps3 through that dongle and it wont recognize. How would i get it to work in ssf4?

It’s plug and play. Sounds like maybe you have a defective stick or adapter? Test it out on a computer maybe? When you plug it in are any buttons working at all?

the computer knows the stick is connected and the stick works on my wii but cant do anything on my pc or ps3 o.O

Mayflash adapter, Wii to USB. Blechk.
I would prefer to dual mod to work on both systems.

Yes that is nicer than the adapter, however you have to admit, if your low on funds, making two tvc sticks work on pc and ps3 for $17 is pretty cool.

@eyeshield227 Sorry man I don’t know what to tell you. Sounds like the adapter might be defective? Mine plays games on my pc and ps3 with no configuration, no nothing, just plug and play.

Perhaps it’s a longshot but are you plugging the adaptor directly into your computer or are you plugging it into an unpowered hub or keyboard? Joysticks need a lot of juice to run and my 2008 lower end 24" iMac would note an error to that effect if I plugged my T.E. into a hub, since the trickle down voltage just isn’t high enough to self-power anything much more demanding than a mouse. I’m surprised the Mayflash Classic Controller to USB adapter works for joysticks at all given that much information, actually. It’s a fairly common problem, which is why USB HDDs come with Y-cords.

Macs were somewhat known for having higher powered than normal USB ports too. On that note however I think I’ve heard the USB 3 spec also has more voltage than USB 2. Just for reference, what computers are you using your mayflash adaptor with guys?

I have two of these sticks myself so I’ve been considering grabbing one, so I could mod them with some seimitsu parts without needing to install new PCBs. It’d be rather good to know if there could be a reason why this wouldn’t work.

Also a question for eyesheild227, when you say the stick doesn’t work, do you mean just the entire package including the button or just the stick itself? If it’s the latter, a keyboard mapper like Joy2Key might be able to fix it for certain games, if your computer is seeing the stick as a PoV Hatswitch or some such nonsense. You’d just have to map the PoV hatswitch to the arrow keys. Fiddling around with the LS, RS, DP switch if it has one (I haven’t looked at my TvC sticks in a while), may also have an effect in this case. I know it did for my T.E.s using my old computer, as it switched between rotational z-axis, hatswich and x-y co-ordinates. x-y is what I think you might want.

Then again, none of this really seems to explain why your PS3 isn’t picking it up, since those are fairly standard. Well not entirely I suppose, as there are different models but still…

hey man i got the stick to work. the problem was that i had the ps3 controller connected as well. Do you know any video that could show me how to switch around the buttons because that would be great. Thanks

I don’t know of any videos but it’s pretty easy. This thread talks about if you have problems with stuck on quick disconnects:

The screw driver method twist works really good. I gave it another shot, but every once in a while I have to go back to plyers for a troublesome button. Just be careful.
You just go in from underneath the stick, swap out the third row connects to the fourth, and test it all out before you close it up. Just report in here if you any problems, if you’re really lost I could take some pics if it would help.

can u give me a pic of what im switching out? is it the green and yellow wires on the third and fourth button?