# TvC Forum Rules & Directory! READ FIRST! #

In an attempt to clean up the amount of stickies we have, this thread should serve as a quick directory for all of the important stuff. Obviously, some of the stuff will remain sticky anyway, but this should help consolidate many of the threads.

[ ### System Information ### ]

The first video you should watch when starting TvC… and you should keep it bookmarked!

The Basics Thread
The most important thread for new TvC players and a great reference for everyone!

TvC Character Health Study - Short Version
Direct link to a quick reference health guide for all characters.

TvC CGoH to UAS Changes Thread
A list of system and character changes between CGoH and UAS. Very important for players of the original TvC!

[ ### Video Related ### ]

TvC Video Thread
A great thread for match, combo, technique, and glitch videos. Bookmark this one too!

trag’s combo collection
A growing collection of combos captured in HD for various characters. Discuss and contribute!

[ ### Miscellaneous ### ]

TvC UAS Friend Code Database
Self-explanatory… but just in case you need to know: a listing of tons of friends codes for SRK members.

TvC IRC Chat Room Information
Information on how to get on EFNet (on IRC) to chat with fellow TvC players!

EVO 2010 Combo Project
The thread for discussing and contributing to the EVO 2010 Combo Video!

[ ### Forum Rules - From Keits ### ]

1.) Do not ask for tier lists.
Do not make a new thread or reply asking for a tier list for UAS. Too much has changed from CGoH and there are virtually no tournaments under our belt. If you’d like to discuss a tier list you came up with, thats fine, but do not randomly ask people for one. Bottom line: play the characters you like, and find a way to MAKE them top tier.

2.) All character related threads must go in their respective subforums.
Do not put an Alex specific thread in general discussion.

3.) Do not ask to ban anything, giants included.
The only exception to this is Burning Wasteland (stage). This stage is an assault to the human eye and should be removed from the game disc.

4.) Ask newbie questions ONLY in the basics sticky thread, and only after reading the first post thoroughly.
Do not make brand new threads to ask simple questions that are covered in the basics sticky. If something is unclear, please ask in that thread, and I’m sure someone will help you out.

5.) Label your threads with either “CGoH” or “UAS” to specify which version of the game you are refering to.
Most talk of CGoH should be dead now, but just in case, be sure to label your threads.

Breaking any of these will earn you infraction points without a warning. This is your warning. Remember to be friendly and civil to each other, especially if people disagree with you. If you cannot resolve your argument with words, make a video to prove it, or take your technique to tournament and win with it if its unbeatable.

Follow these to help everyone have an easier time finding what they need on the TvC subforum! Thanks everyone! Thanks Trag for taking the time to clean up!