TvC Fightstick to PS3 Button remap through Quick Connects

Okay, I have lurked this issue for a while now and I am seeing so much information that contrasts second guesses and denies.

I have a TvC Fightstick and Mayflash Adapter. I want to use the stick for KOFXIII On PS3 and I have heard you can remap the Buttons to the PS3 Layout by switching up the stock Wii Quick connects on some of the buttons to make it work perfect in Mode 1.

I need Someone to speak to me like I’m 5 and help me see what needs to be done. I’m sure the people that have chosen this cost-effective, PS3 stick route would be very very grateful.

Pictures always help.

PS: If my tone sounds rude I apologize, just want to figure this out and get into training mode so badly. I really appreciate any help and am very impressed with this community.

If someone already knows, cool, but I dont. The first thing you need to do is figure out what PS3 button (square, triangle, R1, etc) each of the eight buttons on the TvC stick are through that converter. Write them down when you figure them out. This is a random, pulled outta my butt not-even-a-guess, just an example.
(Sq) (R1) (R2) (L1)
(L2) (Tri) (Cir) (X)
Then, you need to decide how you want the layout to be, based on the Mode 1 Kof13 setup. Probably something like this:
(Sq) (Tri) (R1) (L1)
(X) (Cir) (R2) (L2)

From there, it’s easy. You unplug the wires that go to the current L2 button, and plug them into the button you WANT to be L2. Repeat for all eight buttons.

Oh Wow…Okay. That really doesn’t sound bad at all. I really appreciate the help. First stick, Broke ass Gamer, this was a $30 mid tier stick solution for me until I prove I deserve a nicer setup.

I’ll make sure I report back with the setup in case anyone else has struggled wrapping their heads around this.

Thank you again.

Also, If anyone has any other available info on this issue to help would be great. When I do this, I will take pictures and do a step by step for the absolute newb modders like myself!