TvC FightStick PCB

Are there any pictures that show where to solder wires for the home and turbo buttons on a TvC Wii FightStick? I’ve tried to do some searching on the forums but all i could find are the 360/PS3 SE PCBs.

I just made one. Ignore that VCC thing, it was just from the photo I stole to modify.

I really don’t know which of those two sides is Turbo. I’ve honestly never soldered to it. You can try both until it works. Heh.

is there anywhere that i can solder a wire on the back of the pcb? i’m trying to mod the stick with a PS360 and i don’t want to have to drill any holes in the case unless i absolutely have to.

No need. If you use thin wires, you can open up the turbo panel, solder it, and snap it closed and screw it back in, and the wires can go through. I do it all the time with PS3 Dual Mods.

But I think there may be, in fact, there probably are, I just am not totally sure where.

Since you’re using the PS360, be sure to connect ground AND VCC from the Wii PCB to make sure it works, just as a heads-up, it’s often overlooked and ruins the whole mod.

So I soldered wires to VCC, Ground, Home and Turbo. Plugged it in and it was semi-working. The turbo button doesn’t work and the Home button is mapped to the lock switch 0_o, anybody have an explanation?

The Turbo doesn’t share the ground used by other buttons. You’d better ignore it.
As for the HOME button, I think it is dependent on the lock switch just like a TE/SE, so the behaviour you describe is normal

So is the only way gonna be to drill a hole into the case for a turbo button?