TvC Fighstick + Wiiji - Input problems!

So, I am using wiiji to connect two wiimotes to my macbook - one has the Madcatz Wii Fightstick connected to it, the other a classic controller.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to use both at the same time. When set to DP, the directional inputs on the fightstick seem to conflict with the classic controller*.

When set to LS, the movements don’t conflict**, but now MAME thinks that whenever I press down on the fightstick, I’m pressing up.*** This only happens when I’m using wiiji, it works just fine on the wii.

Anyways, I’m hoping there’s some sort of solution to this, because as of right now, it’s impossible to actually play anything multiplayer.

I hope this makes sense and thanks! :slight_smile:

TL;DR: Wiiji recognizes my inputs of down as up.

*You can’t input directions on both the fightstick and classic controller at the same time, yet all other buttons work.
**If you’re using the analog stick on the classic controller, but it does conflict when using the d-pad)
***Pressing down forward makes it make me jump forward, etc.

I don’t have Mac OSX so I’m not sure how well Wiiji works. An alternate solution is to get the Mayflash Classic Controller to USB adapter, that way you can use the Fightstick and the CC at the same time through a wired solution.