TvC @ Evo2012

So…who wants it?

Depending on the feedback I may decide to run another tourney with recording and/or stream.

KBeast? I remember you played this game on the tournament scene a long time back, Am I right? if TVC at EVO means seeing you and many other tremendous players play this game again, I want to see it

I’m terrible and a random but I’d totally come to Evo just to play TvC.

I’m always down for a TVC TOURNEY!!!
Count me in!!!
Also as a bonus! People who Enter
1st 2nd or 3rd Will Recieve a NECKLACE!!! based off their Favorite Character in the game for Free!!!
just Strickly TVC though
anyone is more than willing to buy em from me as well
I’ll be doing AE, a Lil MK, Ultimate, and TVC if the interest is there!
I got Converters I am willing to contribute to the tournament Kevin!!!

I’m going to ruin the tournament.

Be prepared.

Will be happily awaiting replays. Always fun to watch.


Not going to be able to come to evo this year :frowning: But I am moving back to America starting in August/Sept


Any updates? Did anyone take KBeast up on his offer to have a TVC tourney @ EVO 2012. If so video links please.


I feel stupid for not looking for this thread *before *going to Evo. I definitely would have voiced my support for it.