turtle speed

long time no post… art that is… ibslow^^;
some stuff from school


shoe contour, pencil


cornhusk dragon(?), ink


measuring cup/ toaster oven setup, charcoal


salt shaker/ michiu bottle combo, charcoal


skull closeup i found on google, charcoal


puking pumpkin i found on google, charcoal

yep. that’s all for now. should prbly put up some actual sf related stuff finally… keep forgettin to do that. cc’s welcome :smiley:

nice man. I can tell obviously the life drawings are your strongest. Solid understanding of light and value. Looking at the cup and toaster piece I would knock the value on the toaster down a bit to separate it from the saucer. Also the edges on the toaster are sharper than the saucer right now when it should be softer since it’s further back.

What he said… O.O
You are clearly Superb on your life drawing.

thanks guys. life drawings just kinda come easy. traditional media in general really. i just need to crack down and get a grasp on digital ><

hello there. been a while again. this one’s a b&w joker ink drawing x-mas present to DrawingForFreelanc. She also took all the pictures and added the sepia tone via camera (which makes me think i shoulda bought brown ink for this instead ><)


full view


sepia toned


zoom for some details

That is awesome well done

those are some really nice pieces. The lighting and shades are really damn good.

wow…those are pretty good man…that last one is awesome…

thanks for the feedback guys. much appreciated :slight_smile:

I love the attention to detail on the measuring cup. Excellent use of perspective and reflection. And since it was done using charcoal makes it all the better. Good job.


my entry for angrynord’s v-day contest. that’s the last time i add extra stuff w/o lines to begin with v.v