Turning MadCatz SFIV Fightpad into Custom Stick?

I’ve tried to find a thread on this, but to no avail. I guess I dont know the right keywords to search. But is there any tutorial on how to do this on these forums? Or is it a pro-modders secret?

I have plenty of fightpads with broken d-pads, and with my recent thirst for custom sticks, I would like to turn them into something special.

Thanks for any help bro-dogs

Yes, you can do that.

For the basic of what you have to do.

For the specific of what you have to do with the PCB.
Go to the Sticky FAQ and Tutorial Thread in Tech Talk.

thanks man.

heres a question.
does anyone perform the mod of the controllers pcb for you, including the soldering/wiring etc? So that you can just connect your joystick/buttons? XD

or this too but its dated. no worries about the extra stuff for the triggers since there are none on fightpads.

we do but youre better off doing it yourself if you can… cheaper route for modding for sure…

thanks guys. i found the madcatz fightpad pcb guide. so im gonna give it a good try!