Tulsa - MvC3, SSF4, BBCS, Reach, Smash, Forza and MORE: OKg 5yr Anni at TCC - 3/26/11

Event: OKgamers 5th Anniversary EVENT!
That’s right, we are celebrating our 5 years of OKgamers.com improving Oklahoma for gamers!
Come out and celebrate with us - and GET THE REWARDS:

That’s right - for the first time ever - OKgamers giving away FREE OKGAMERS SHIRTS! First to those that Pre-reg, then if we have more left, to those who are playing in tournaments, etc.
If nothing else? Make sure you are present to hear OKgamers.com’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, it literally shapes the future to come.

Marvel Vs Capcom. Halo. Street Fighter. Smash. Blaz Blue. Soul Calibur.
Think your the best? PROVE IT.
Come out and try your luck against some of the best players in the state, and even farther! (Larger events usually get the neighboring states to visit - check the pre-reg!)

Over 100 prizes to be given out as door prizes and tournament awards!
OKgamers and TCC working together will be hosting this event, with sponsors coming on board! Keep an eye on this thread as it’ll be changing!
We’ll also be having random give out’s from various sponsors during the event! Keep an eye on this thread for more as we lock it in.

More on TCC - Home

More info on sponsors - coming soon.

Tulsa Community College, Metro Campus
909 S. Boston, Tulsa, OK 74119

Google Street View of door (Rotate 180 degrees to see parking.)

THAT IS THE BEST DOOR - you go in, go up the elevator or stairs, and you are right there! (PRO TIP: don’t take your hardware up stairs!)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - PS3
Halo Reach - FFA**, 2v2 - xbox 360
Super Street Fighter IV - PS3
SSB Brawl - Wii
SSB Melee - Wii
Forza Motorsport 3 - xbox 360
Soul Calibur 4 - PS3
Blaz Blue - PS3

No feedback / hardware / something - go read the planning thread.
(OKgamers helps gaming groups we know about in OK; as for this event - no CCG? Because they have stores to support them. No DnD - because we have no DM’s on Staff. No LARP - same as DnD. No your game - read above :slight_smile: )

Console Choice = we go with the largest community backed event for this - Evo. They went PS3, so did we.


Setup & Signups open - 11am (tentative) to 12:15pm
Tournament Start time - 12:30pm (tentative)
Halo Reach FFA - 12:30pm
SSB Brawl - 1pm
Forza 3 - 1pm
MvC3 - 1pm
SSFIV - 2pm
SSB Melee - 2pm
Halo Reach 2v2 - 3pm
Blaz Blue - 3pm
Soul Calibur 4 - 3pm

(ALL TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO DELAY AT THE EVENT, we do what we can, but issues can arise out of our hands; don’t arrive late, that helps.)

$5 Organization fee - goes towards flyer printing costs, then towards purchashing more 5yr shirts, that will be given away later (ONE TIME FEE)
$5 per tournament entered - goes towards that games’ pot! (PER TOURNAMENT ENTERED)

No location fee - due to TCC’s sponsorship!
No spectator fee - due to TCC’s sponsorship!

PLAYING IN ONE TOURNAMENT? That’s $10. Two events would be $15 total entry, etc.

Prizes: 100% of the pots from each game 60/30/10, plus the funds and prizes sponsored!

If you plan on playing in a tournament - your entry fees in cash and your own controller, as extra controllers will not be present beyond what gamers brought to use themselves. (Cash? Yes, sorry, no CC machine lol.)

To help things run faster:
Bringing hardware - please try and show up 15 to 30 minutes early - so we can set it all up, etc. (USE THE ELEVATOR!!)
Make sure you’ve read your games tournament rules.
MAKE SURE YOU REVIEWED THE MAP - and you know where your going - 2nd floor area of TCC Metro, as pictured on the map.

Rules - will be standard OKgamers / community rules.

More on Rules / Sponsors / How to Pre-reg / Flyers / suprizes and more - coming soon.

ZOINKS, bump. ! month away people!. All midwesterns should totally come to this, and of course EVERYONE ELSE

I wholeheartedly support this product and/or service.

damn right you do

A week!!!

lol now that i think about it, it really is weird that Tekken isnt here, wtf

Arkansas will definitely be there bringing 6-10 people. The infamous Mike Weng might make an appearance.

lol Mike Weng, one of the few that makes BB seem like i may not win it.

Has there been anything confirmed in terms of what monitors will be used for SSF4 and MVC3?


And I didn’t even catch your post drumist, sorry. Um but it depends on what’s brought, i guarantee a CRT or 9000 will be used for this lol, a few EVO Asus monitors are coming but for what game, who knows.