Tucson's Bookmans tournaments

2 weeks ago results

CVS2 1st Josh
2nd Was Ryan

last week was 3rd strike

1st Sebastian
2nd Josh
3rd dont remember Im sure it was Sebastian’s friend*

Tomorrow is Tekken DR, at the same bookmans up by grant road. Ill list results later gl Roch.

Next week is the Pac-Man game you download off of the xbox 360 live. Saturady at 12 pm. The tournament is free and 1st place is going to be store credit.

hahah, tucson street fighter… love bubbles

he changed his mind its now, KOF98 next week

KOF…I haven’t played that shit in ages. I’m gonna see if I can make it.

its going to be on the arcade machine, so ya im not that great at the KOF arcade machines since there button layout was made for aliens.

pfh lake, that is a silly thing to say. snk cabs are great and are the only way to play kof. i have kof98 on my neogeo and it plays like a fucking dream. man i should go just to deliver the beat down… South Tucson SNK represent. i would deliver saisyo/joe/heavy-d justice. argh…

I just dont like the button layout, and BTW I thought you moved to PHX?

I should have got 1st at the 2002 tournament fucking hate round robin shit. Dont know how well im going to do at 98 cause I never played it in my life.

Forgot to say its the Bookmans at Grant Road.

wtf round robin is the best. you play more games and its more accurate. unless you like fake results and easy bracketing by getting lucky

Yeah i am in phoenix. But i should go to tucson for that tourny. but i wont. anyway, i want to get some kof or breakers going on that ggpo stuff…

:lovin: SNK :lovin:

Scot would you come down if they had a KI tournament? Most likely for snes.

no way jose! hahahah, snes KI is the poopy. when is this kof 98 tourny?

Saturday at 12 pm

i dunno jorge, in a way, ki snes is more playable 2players than arcade ki is. arcade ki is way more fun tho. but snes version is still good, in a different way

yeah, i can see that. kof is good in any way though. sabre you need to start playing kof cabron.

Playing KOF is good for your mind

Hey Lake, how long do these things usually run, cause I’m gonna be pressed for time manana.

2-3 hours. You never can tell with tournaments.

GG’s to everyone. That was some of the best comp. I’ve had lately. 4th place ftl!

you always get good comp with me, Roberth and Roch. Even though I had no idea what I was doing in 98; I only play kof2002, ST, A3, 3rd strike and sometimes VF4evo.