TTT2 Stream and Commentary Thread

This is a general thread of live streams for tekken tag tournament 2

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kane is awesome with the mishimas

:eek: Don’t forget Electric Wind God Fridays at Super Arcade.

I believe AvoidingThePuddle streams it.

holy crap Unconkables Zafina/Jinpachi last night on LYUG stream… sheeeeet.

:eek: Don’t forget about EWGFridays tonight at Super Arcade, ladies!

There’s no EWGF today btw.


:eek: I would like to never hear Slips commentate ever again.

16Bit seemed like he was entirely too freaked out.

A lot went on this weekend so i’m going to post archives (non sb) later for people to check out.

:eek: Yeah there was a ton of stuff going on this past weekend. Thanks for keeping this up to date, by the way.

Game Underground Tournament Spectacular

Arcade UFO Ranbat Season 7.3

I’m the Jin/Hwoarang player. Very low level, beginner play, so don’t expect these high level mix ups, oki, or yomi. Any critique is welcome. I wish I knew Hwoarang better, but rage sorta makes up for that. When I get him down, though, I’mma feel so cool.

No Mercy Friday 5.3 at Southtown Arcade


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - SRK Thursday Night Throwdown 4.5

The Break #178


More here:

You may have missed this because this was streamed during EWGFridays
Geexpo Gaming Tournament in Guam

Just went here to say props to Lemonade, to keep this thread alive with a lot of good info.

Thank you for effort, buddy!

The Tekken Arena is HYPE!!! Too intense of a matches!!!

A couple of things happened during Tekken Arena:

River City Runback 2 in Richmond, Virginia

Tekken in the Pacific Northwest: