1. Please, No Duplicate Threads: Have a question? There’s a thread for that. Just want to discuss the game in general? There’s a thread for that. Chances are, you want to ask a question that has already been asked countless times, and therefore the Search function is available and at your service.

2. No Image Quoting: This is an SRK no-brainer; just don’t do it please. The (few) people who may still be on 56k will thank you, our bandwidth will be eternally saved, and you don’t get an Infraction. Win-win-win.

3. Behave: Flaming, trolling, join date bashing, and any more subtle forms of disturbing the peace are prohibited. We are to conduct ourselves in a way that efficiently benefits all parties involved with useful knowledge of character and game strategies.

4. Be Productive: If possible, try not to make one-word or image-only posts; they most likely don’t contribute to overall game knowledge in any possible way.

5. Keep Threads Legal: Is illegally posting methods to unlock hidden (but paid) DLC for others to pirate really worth the one-year ban you’re going to receive? I think not.

6. Report Away: If someone is harassing you, another user, or otherwise breaking the aforementioned rules big time, feel free to mash the Report button faster than you would a :lp: Dragon Punch. Chances are, I’ll be on and able to handle it quickly, but in the rare event that I can’t, one of our Super mods will be more than happy to assist.

Remember, failure to acknowledge or adhere to any of the aforementioned rules or regulations can result in an infraction at your expense!

Your Moderator,