TTT2 Commands and Notations

I have seen a few people in some of the threads asking what certain letters and notations mean so I thought I would just create this thread so everyone has a place to look for them. I may have missed a few so if u notice any I have missed let me know and I will add them

1 - left punch
2 - right punch
**3 - **left kick
4 - right kick
5 - tag button
B! - bound

f - tap forward
d - tap down
b - tap back
u - tap up
F - hold forward (this is the same for any direction input a Capital will always mean hold)
d/f - down forward
d/b - down back
u/b - up back
u/f - up forward
qcf - quarter circle forward
qcb - quarter circle back
hcf - half circle forward
hcb - half circle back

WS - while standing
**iWS **- instant while standing
WR - while running
N - Neutral
SS - sidestep
SSR - sidestep right
SSL - sidestep left
FC - full crouch
BT - back turned
WD - Wave Dash
CD - Crouch Dash
CDC - crouch dash cancel
Lower case i - instant (example iWS = instant while standing)

, followed by
~ immediately after
+ at the same time
< delayed input

couple more.

wd or WD = Wave Dash
lower case i = instant (example iWS = instant while standing)
cd or CD = Crouch Dash
cdc = crouch dash cancel

Added. Thanks DashKid

First link is the legend, second one is the most commonly used jargon we had. It’s still being updated but seems nobody knows this even exist…


I knew about this already, but I think it’s a better idea 2 establish our own stuff instead of always relying on TZ.