TTT2 360 stick, crownstick , akuma balltop, games

Games are sealed

You should add prices for the items so people know about have much you want for each item.

stick 80 you pay shipping
crown stick 20
akuma ball 30
nsmb 2 28
super mario all stars 55
beyond 50
project x zone 25

Damnit. Where were you a week ago with that TTT2 stick. I’ll check back when I have the cash to see if you still have it.

Please put the prices in the same post so people don’t have to play hide & seek for the prices.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get that All-Stars soon. I’ll PM if & when I get the extra funds.

Is whatever is in that pill bottle for sale? LoL

it comes with the stick

games gonnnnnnnnnnnne

Pardon my ignorance, is the crown stick the one that drops into the TEs?