TTFZ3 Cubed Results

Tournament TeamForceZ the 3rd Results


1st = Isaac
2nd = Peter Luong
3rd = Victor


1st = Baltimore Chun
2nd = Moose Hummel
3rd = Rugal


1st = Moose Hummel
2nd = J.R.
3rd = Pat



3s 3 on 3

Team Richmond
Renegade (Chun SAII) 2-1
Moose (Urien SAIII) 3-0
Ken (Makoto SAII) 3-0


Team Oh!
Beat Face (Chun SAII) 0-3
Shuwacchi (Alex SAII) 0-3
Geist (Urien SAII [Yes! SAII]) 1-2

Team Richmond wins 8-1

Though we planned on having 30+ show, only 28 did, which is still cool. The tournament was fun as hell. Though there was some drama in the CvS2 late brakets (Not going to explain), it was a successful tourny. Players liked the set up and digged it being quiet :rofl:, insane Melty Blood ReACT casual play (got lots of peeps hooked on it), I hope everyone had fun.

If you went to the tourny please post and tell me what you thought.

Me and Pat (with the help of Rabid Rabbit Productions) are working on getting all the footage we got and DVD it up! If your interested in knowing of the status of the DVD in the future, give me your e-mail address either by post or PM.

Sorry to the peeps who couldn’t make it this time or just showed late. TTFZ4 will be in Late Feb or March, so keep your eyes open. Thanks to everyone that helped, played, or even just came to watch. Peace.


Yeah, I was there, I had some fun. I didn’t get it till 3s seems that was the only game I was going to play. Too bad my friend didn’t bring his Gamecube and Mario Party 6 and then it would of kicked ass, but it might being a distracting to everybody seens MP6 kicks ass and everybody wants to play it and if someone was playing MP6 and then they had to play a match they might lose or turn or something. Yang Action. SA3

Scrub the Cr.Fwd to Tourouzan dude.

Man you paired me with some good people.

Dont forget the 13 year old who raped in exhibition :slight_smile:

So we get to Kevin’s last night after Applebees and stuff… cute waitress, name was Ashely… loved that accent, man.

Er, sorry, was off track. Get to Kevin’s, we were talking about making a preview video to (hopefully) get some hype around the DVD release. We decide to watch through a couple matches so I can flag them in my head to use in the preview video. I unload and boot up my machine. Go to Explorer, click on D drive.

“Disk in Drive D is not formatted. Would you like to format now?”

I shat my pants.
Then I tried most everything I could think of to recover it. Without the internet I couldn’t look it up.
Then I gave up for the night. And we played 3s. And MvC2. It was pretty fun. Woke up and went home, talked to my older brother (Owner/Operator of RRP). So now we’re running a file scavenger. Its finding all the match videos on my hard drive. A sigh of relief has been… sighed. I’ll have everything back by tonight at the latest and start working on the preview video.

As far as the tourney went… its so hard to concentrate on matches when you’re trying to worry about stuff getting captured. I played no where near my best, but it was still fun. I can’t wait to get this project underway and turn out something that people might actually enjoy.

Li, if you called, I’m already in Fredericksburg. I should be down in Richmond next weekend for Robin’s graduation party, so if you want to hit me up for some of those files I’ll show up early and head to your place.

Man, I really wish someone had taped that little kid beating Kevin in Marvel. That would have been awesome. Anywho, it was great fun. Next time we need to be a little more prepared for capturing and stuff; it turns out I found my old geforce2 capture card and I’ll put together a barebones box with like an 80 gig harddrive to capture to for next time as well as my system.

Good games.

Yo Kyrdu, Li wanted to take care of the DVD trailor. Call him when you get the chance. 8044522623. His cell phone is broke, it got destroyed at the tourny.

2jabs: Done and done. All matches on my PC were recovered. Li wants to do the preview video, so it should be out… whenever he gets it done.

Edit: If any of you talk to Li, tell him I’m coming down on Friday, not Saturday. I got my days mixed up. Thanks.

Wow, Good shit to Maryland. Niggaz Bmore and Isaac back on top :tup:. But Rugal and Pete still close behind as usual good shit. Ill holla when I can.

gg work, i’ll go to the next one

Lots of fun as usual Li…wi got the vids but no sound thats to pats stupid comp…but oh well still was fun…nice hotel and free apples and props to yall for holding your ground. I enjoyed the tournament even though there was drama…I wish I would have won Cvs2 but after I beat Rugal in the losers final I just was too exhausted to win 2 sets against b-more and congrats to him for winning. Chang power as usual! GO TEAM VCU :clap:

I’m happy to hear you peeps enjoyed it. Next time we will be more prepare for the capture issue. This was almost like a test for me. There will be VERY few if any flaws in the next one. Thanks guys. Peace.


Please notify me of any information concerning the DVD ASAP via PM.

Who the fuck are you people?

Stop playing madden and come back to marvel <3.

Fun tourney, i’d like to thank va for their money in marvel and poker :). Keep me updated on that dvd, sounds hot.

I wanted to be in on the DVD :sad:.

Will actually start work on the DVD after exams finish. Just a day or two more and then robin’s party, then time for DVD work. Its not going to be ‘stellar’ but it’ll be decent. The next one should be alot better once we get this whole capture thing down pat.

hehe… "get this capture thing down pat"
I’ll get you down, pat.

I’m already down Robin… I’m already down.

I’ve got it down, its just my Comp can’t capture audio, so I have to use Venom’s, and pat has a better 60 frame compretion[sp] thing going, I got a 30 frame compretion thing going.
But Pats right, TTFZ4 will be much better capture wise, ll make sure to that.
Also, give me some input what wuld you like to see at TTFZ4 (which will take place late Feb to anytime in March.)
And Im sorry, but 2 garunteed[sp] games are 3s and VF4:Evo

Virtua Fighter? Did an VF Evo tourney in the commons when we had the arcade game there… We got 4 people. Including me. And I’m a Pai scrub. Good luck on that one.