TT EX beat Gief UAB wtf


Like the topic (and the desc of YT embed short replay), tonight I was in ranked, and beat a UAB with a TT EX o.O, maybe the very first frame is throw invincible also, or something strange happen? like it seems i hit clearly up back in the motion, and a friend suggest maybe there are pre jump airborne cancellable frame… discuss.

I’m going to take an educated guess and say you super jumped cancelled into EX TT. If you look at your inputs, you input a diagonal up before your mp+hp. Gief’s Ultra probably came out the same frame you “jumped”.

If you don’t believe me that you can SJC in this game, go to training mode with Cammy and try cl.rh SJC into cannon spike. cl.rh is jump cancellable, but not special cancellable, so it wouldn’t normally combo-- unless you SJC into cannon spike.