Trying to un-bork a Secret of Mana file

Playing it on the Wii. Yeah I know the Wii sucks. Anywho, playing this with my brother and cousin, three players as God intended. We currently have an un-borked file so this isn’t critical… but I want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Started a new game. Skipped the water palace, got the girl and sprite, then went to the water palace. Triggered the cutscene where the girl saves you (while the girl and sprite were in my party, so TWO GIRLS PIME TARADOX). Now, I cannot get Undine, Luca won’t help me, Phana won’t disappear, and I can’t glitch my way into the evil temple in Pandora.

I want to fuck up this file further. I heard that someone was in the same situation, and somehow got Phana to disappear, allowing access to the evil temple (but before he had Undine or Gnome). I want to trigger that, but can’t. I tried saving and reloading at every available save point, including my home town (glitches to bypass exile ftw!). Nothing.

Help? I would be eternally grateful and all homo towards anyone who helps. Or hetero if you’re a chick.

the select glitch doesn’t help you get into the evil temple?

Nope. It’ll get me back to the first village, but not to the temple.

I even tried pushing an NPC there and doing it as said NPC moved up.

There’s a bug where you can access the Moon Temple without Flammie in the desert later on; I tried it at the evil temple place and… no luck.

ur guys r gud @ secret of mana…i couldn’t figure out how to even re-enter the original village

Mr. Specs, can you explain to the jury why you were borking at all to start with? I’m sure we would all like to hear why you were borking on your Wii in the first place!

Much like the Mana Tree, obtaining all of Dr. B’s seeds is the only way to ensure the future of our world.

I borked because when you do, you don’t get the spear, and that amuses me for some reason. I did a similar bork on my SNES copy years ago, though I didn’t go as far as to get the sprite and beat the forest witch.

The one thing I remember about working that game, was getting a sword upgrade level ABOVE the ultimate Mana Sword.

It was a lolwtf moment, for sure.

The translated Seiken Densetsu 3 is my favorite game to play on my Thunderbolt.

Duran, Carlie, Lise ftw.

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How the fuck do your pronounce Flammie? I always felt it was a short a but almost everyone I know pronounces it with a long a.

And as you may have gathered by that question, I have no intentions to help you with your question as my experience with this game is limited to buying it on my snes and coming to the realization I only had one friend to play this game with, solidifying myself as a big no friend loser.

You can glitch the game this far?

I’m interested to hear the end result.

In the past I got the girl – but not the sprite – before being saved by the girl in the forest. It ended up with the girl being saved by another girl while the CPU controlled boy freaked out trying to attack the goblins. That file never borked, though I didn’t get the spear.

I wanted to see, as mentioned, how deep the rabbit hole goes. I want to bork further. Bork like mad. All over this game’s face.örk


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The Swedish Chef is a Muppet that appeared on The Muppet Show.

I thought the rabbit hole went all the way to that one Jewish actor, who played a forty year old online poker hustler.

I thought it lead out of The Matrix.

I’d help Specs but uh…heh…I uh…I’ve…I’ve never played…Secret of Mana…before…


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It’s kinda like Zelda, if Zelda had infinites.

You think I’m kidding, but wait until you meet the martial artist werewolves who OTG you with hurricane kicks, over and over until Game Over. I am dead serious.

Hahaha I believe it. It’s on my list of shit to play some day. Was even contemplating buying a new SNES some time this week to kick it old school.

If you have a Wii, it’s on Virtual Console. And it supports up to three simultaneous players (though you have to find the other two party members).

Or you could use… ahem other means…

Sadly i don’t have anyone else to play with, least not right now anyway. I do have a Wii tho so good to know. Thanks.

Yo, Secret of Mana is good.

Because of this thread I am currently watching the speed run. I remember how difficult the early game could be, and I’m watching this person just beat it with like a level 3 character where I had trouble beating it at a no doubt much higher level.