Trying to set up new brawl site blah blah blah

Im trying to start a new brawl site for ppl who want to discuss brawl, organize tournaments or get together, discuss vids, and share brawl tactics and secrets, I will add more to the site such as character specific forums, but Im going to need members first. The site is also going to have topics on other wii online games such as mario Kart, and possibly others but I want to get a few members first and I thought that SRK would be a good place to start looking.

Part of the problem with Brawl is that a lot of the competitive community is already split between several similar sites, such as SRK, SWF, Allisbrawl, Wifiwars, etc. Rather than starting a new site, which may attract some visitors from existing sites, I would reccomend volunteering your help/input on some of the existing communities.

hmm haven’t heard of wifi wars(goes to check out). And plus I wanted the board to have more basic guides for learning the character and how to play against them rather than a big disorganized mess which takes forevers to sift though. Plus I do intend to have other wii game discussion on their as well. Plus I didn’t want the focus on the online play, which should be more for goofing around in as the lag is pretty bad, and focused instead on multiplayer on the same system.