Trying to make my own Hitbox Arcade Stick [Help]

Hi All,

I currently have the stock PS4 Venom arcade stick but I’m thinking of making my own Hitbox Arcade stickless stick.

I can make the casing relatively easy so that’s not necessarily the problem. My problem is understanding the wiring and components I’ll need.

I thought i may have a small shortcut so can I use the board from my PS4 Venom stick and use that to make a hitbox… Plug wires into it to accept button inputs rather than stick movements?

I’m a level 0 amateur at this so I apologise if this is a silly question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I’ll start by reading up on

Yes for a hitbox-like controller you wire the directionals to buttons rather than a joystick, electrically nothing has changed.

Thank you for your reply

You are going to need to learn how to solder. Plenty of vids online. But eevblog has a very detailed 3 part tutorial on youtube. Much more than youll ever need for this project. I just finished turning my madcatz fightstick alpha to a hitbox with all sanwa buttons. Love it

Will you please post some pics of that? That’s the exact thing I’m thinking of doing.

Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing some pics either.