Trying to learn Yang in AE, I have a few questions

I’m trying to learn how to use Yang. I know there are easier characters to use, but I like using Rekka type characters and I already use Fei Long and I’m not really interested in using Abel. I have a few questions about Yang:

  1. Does he have any good cross-ups?
  2. Does his teleport have any actual uses? It seems like I get punished everytime I use them, no matter which version I use.
  3. How execution-heavy is he?
  4. What is the proper way to use the dive kick? Is it even useful at all and if so, which version has the most uses?
  5. Does he have any safe jumps/safe jump setups? If so, what are they?

I remember people saying he was in the same tier as Yun but you don’t really see that many people using Yang. Why is that?

You should probably head over to the Yang section of the SSF4 character forum. They probably have everything you need to know over there. There always youtube too, probably lots of vids with Yang Gameplay, Combos, and tutorials.

  1. j.MK.
  2. You can use it for resets. If you’re using it for pressure then mashers will beat it. Also the distance it travels is really good. EX CD can get you out of Vortex and tight positions.
  3. More than Yun at least. Try doing some of his BnBs and seeing how difficult they are for you.
  4. You will be using the dive kick a lot. Yang is an offensive character and using dive kicks is great for pressuring, locking your opponent down, and you can combo from then.
  5. Check the Yang forums.

I don’t know why many people don’t use Yang. Tier whores will ignore him because there’s a better twin in the game. Give it some time is all I can say.

I recommend you check out the Yang forums if you’re sure you want to learn what this character can do.

Actually I wasn’t sure if the questions I was asking here were too basic for the Yang Forum, so how do I move this thread over to the Yang forum? I appreciate everyone’s help and their answers.